Every move has a woman's trainer

An award for life's work

An award for life's work

Peter Stutz is honored for his great services in Swiss handball. The “doer” of LK Zug can look back on 40 years of experience as a trainer - but that is by no means all.

"I did not expect that," said a visibly surprised Peter Stutz in the Baden Trafohalle in front of the assembled handball community. There, the Handballworld publishing house held the Swiss Handball Award Night for the eighth time. In this context, the Special Award for great merits in Swiss handball was presented. This time the honor fell to the 56-year-old LKZ maker.

And after laudator Andrea Schilter had revealed the secret, he was definitely able to put the puzzle together. Standing on the stage in front of more than 400 guests, he said: "Now I also know why my wife Esthi really wanted to go to this event." Originally, he intended to go to Bündnerland earlier over the Whitsun days.

"Excellent work is done at all levels"

President, head of sport, trainer and marketing tasks: his field of activity at LK Zug has many facets. In addition, Stutz also held batches at the Swiss Association. He can confidently be called an indefatigable "Chrampfer" for handball - especially for women. If he tackles something, the resulting product is always in the foreground. And it is somehow part of his temperament when Stutz says: “Awards like that are not the decisive factor for me. I am always happy when people get involved and do their job creatively. "

And in this respect they are currently better positioned at LK Zug than they have been for a long time. "The work is excellent at all levels." One of his goals is that the many good young players get better and better all the time. Only in this way was it possible to make the change in the SPL1 this season with many of their own offspring. And so, for example, the U18 elite juniors confidently won the Swiss championship title to Zug. There are many positive moments that give him the satisfaction of being on the right track. The big picture, always thinking and acting in the interests of the association, is absolutely in the foreground for him. In return, he sometimes accepts to offend.

The Stutz family of five lives handball. Otherwise his tireless commitment to this sport would hardly be possible. Daughter Leah also plays in the SPL1 team and of course he can count on the full support of his wife Esthi. She also runs the bistro in the Zug sports hall.

And when he took a step back after the last season in top handball, it was no problem for him. "I was even looking for him." It gives him a different perspective. His advice is still sought after by the Fanion team. In addition, he spontaneously jumped in for the U14 elite juniors last season. "That was a new experience." But the fun is so great that he will continue to train next season.

He has been a trainer at LK Zug for 40 years. A long time when there was never a multi-year plan for him. It should continue like this in the future. Whereby Stutz says: "This award makes me a little proud."

Christoph Sahli honored as the best women's trainer

Christoph Sahli took over the reins of the SPL1 team this season. It was Peter Stutz's dream solution. And this variant worked so well that the newcomer immediately won the award for the best women's trainer in Baden. He prevailed against national trainer Martin Albertsen and the Brühl master maker Rolf Erdin. He didn't necessarily expect it, says Sahli. The award is probably a confirmation of the good work, he believes. Even if it has not (yet) been enough to win a title at this level. Sahli also wants to pass the award on to the team. "The team has shown exceptional commitment throughout the season." At home, the trophy will have a special place. Christoph Sahli added her to the two awards that his girlfriend Laura Innes had received as the best goalkeeper at the time. With Martina Pavic as the most valuable player (MVP), LK Zug was successful a third time at the Awards Night.