Who is the worst GTA protagonist

Daryl Johns


Daryl Johns (possible death in 2013) is a character from Grand Theft Auto V. He is an accomplice who can be recruited by the player as a crew member to help with robberies.

Of all the protected, Daryl is clearly the worst, his skills are very low. The fact that he only wants a 6% share does not pull the cart out of the mud.


Daryl claims that he is a "child prodigy" which is why he dropped out of school to rob banks. He made a note of it, gave the slip to the bank clerk, and came out with a few thousand dollars. This method worked four times, the fifth time Daryl was arrested and jailed for 10 years.

He used his time in prison to study sociology, psychology and animal behavior. He claims to have turned his brain into a "super weapon" in the process. In retrospect, he calls his arrest the "best that could have happened to him".

Grand Theft Auto V.

If Daryl is for the Paleto-Heist, he is killed during the escape when a police car pushes him against a wall. He will fight for his life and demand that Michael and Trevor help him, but die in the end. His bag of money from the bank can be collected near his body.

If Daryl is hired for the fire department method of the Bureau robbery, he will die while trying to escape the building unless he is selected along with Hugh Welsh or Norm Richards. In this case, he or the other archer accidentally dies in the explosion while trying to escape.

On the other hand, if Daryl is involved in the roof method, Daryl can survive the shootings, but can also be killed due to poor health.

The big thing in the subtle approach, if Daryl is chosen as the first shooter, he'll drop some gold bars during the Merryweather shootout, causing the crew to lose $ 18 million even if Daryl was with the bureau. On the other hand, if Daryl takes care of the tires as second shooter and the scourges, Daryl doesn't cause any trouble despite his problems.

If, on the other hand, the Union Depository is robbed in a brutal way, Daryl does an acceptable job as support for Michael or Franklin. If Daryl has no experience of previous Heists, and if he is with Michael, the protagonists must protect Daryl in order for him to survive.


  • If Daryl survives an operation, the protagonists talk about the fact that he was very lucky to survive "despite his talents".
  • For reasons unknown, Daryl, Karl Abolaji, and Hugh Welsh are unavailable for the reruns of the robberies.

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