Why are scalable business ideas so rare

10 characteristics of a good business idea

1. Easy

A good business idea thrives on its simplicity. Everything that is complicated, opaque and overloaded is difficult to communicate. Good usability has long been required for software - this is no less the case for other products or services!

See everything through the eyes of customers or - if necessary - investors: Can you easily grasp the benefits of your offer? Does it immediately become clear? Or do you have to spend hours studying an instruction manual?

People just love it. It is not for nothing that the reduction to the essentials is propagated everywhere.

2. Irresistible

Let's be honest - there are tons of incredibly good deals on almost every subject on the market.

If you want to stand out, you have to have more to offer than just another good offer.Create something that is irresistible to your customers. Don't just offer them a benefit, offer them a whole universe of benefits. Knock them off their socks.

That doesn't mean you have to reinvent the wheel. Just offer them more than they expect. An excellent tool for this is a good oneContent.

3. In a niche - depending on the

It is helpful if you are locating your business idea in a niche.

If you choose a market that is already densely populated and therefore highly competitive, you have to invest a lot of time and money in marketing your business idea! Even that is no guarantee that it will be noticed or that the target group will change from an already established provider.

Admittedly, there is never a guarantee. But if you choose a niche that is not yet overcrowded or - ideally - not yet occupied, it is of course much easier.

However, now comes the big BUT: The prerequisite is of course that there is oneDemand that is big enoughto carry the business model!

If there is such a demand, but not yet a provider, it is likely that it will be much easier to access customers. But it can also be that there is no provider precisely because there is no lucrative demand! You have to look very carefully here.

4. Asked about it

Without demand, there is no need for supply, that much is clear.You don't even need to offer products and services that nobody wants. There are ways of generating inquiries - through clever advertising, for example. However, this is risky and time-consuming.

It is much easier for a business idea that can rely on great demand in the first place.It is important to further develop the idea very closely to this demand - consistently and from the outset.

Leave youwhen checking whether there is a need,not on any statistics.
Talk to the peoplein your potential target group! Don't just ask if they would buy your product. In such a case, many people quickly say yes, but without really being able to imagine anything under the product or service.

Also:I know some people with endless lists of things they'd like to do at some point. Interestingly enough, they never do it. So this question doesn't get you anywhere.

Rather, listen to them in their natural surroundings. Go to the places where they are. Get to know them.

You are more likely to find out whether there is a need for your idea through skillful observation and careful listening.

5. Marketable

Your business idea can be revolutionary - if it can't be marketed, you have a problem.

Admittedly, almost anything can be marketed with the right budget. The question is whether you have this budget available. Never underestimate the power of marketing and advertising! Many first-time founders, but also experienced entrepreneurs with new business ideas, assume that word of their offer would get around by itself and are then surprised if the till never rings.

You have to plan how you can get your idea out there right from the start.If that only works with a multi-million dollar advertising budget - such sums are not uncommon in advertising - all your alarm bells should be ringing.

Some founders then quickly come to the defiant conclusion that marketing is actually not that important and simply distribute a few flyers quickly.Nothing against flyers, but they alone won't save you.Why can't you just distribute them to the public like that? Exactly, because most of the time they just end up on the floor as garbage, unnoticed - that says a lot.

Design your product in such a way that your marketing can be clever and lean.