What are the complete scaffolding solutions

Pros and cons of fall protection with the MSG and PPE

"Real scaffolders" opinion

Very controversial and still very topical - fall protection in scaffolding. There is no getting around this topic when it means "high up". If he Scaffolding with the Assembly safety rails the various scaffolding manufacturers or working with the PPE - one is not spared.

In my research on this topic I have the Facebook group "Scaffolders" questioned. I wanted the opinion "Real" scaffolders Listen. I wanted to know if they said Fall protection devices make scaffolding assembly easier or more difficult. I was also interested in suggestions for improvement or whether someone has another idea how to build scaffolding so that it is safe from falling.

What does fall protection mean in scaffolding?

Again briefly to explain: Since February 2019, the new changes to the technical rules for operational safety TRBS 2121 Part 1 "Risk to employees from falling when using scaffolding" and TRBS 2121 Part 2 "Risk to employees when using ladders" have been adapted . In short, in this post we are only going to change the "Protection against falling when assembling, rebuilding and dismantling scaffolding" under the microscope.

What solutions are there for assembly safety railing (MSG)?

Then let's take a look at the different ones together Solutions from the respective scaffolding manufacturer at. The product portfolio ranges from telescopic railings and similar to Double railings are implemented floor by floor up to railings that remain in the scaffolding or complete scaffolding solutionsthat make a safety railing unnecessary because the fall protection is already integrated.

The scaffolding manufacturers go to great lengths here to make the scaffolding assembly safe, but often it is just theory and practice is missing. What would be important here is optimal cooperation with, as my article says, “real scaffolders”. I myself am torn back and forth. I am not a scaffolding builder, as you may already see, but in our company I work on ideas on how to do it Make scaffolding safer and easier could.

BG Bau also has no precise ideas yet. There are specifications with precise distances that must be adhered to or stabilities that must be given, but it is no solution yet ideal.

My scaffolding colleagues and me

As I mentioned above, during my research I asked my loved ones Scaffolding colleagues via the scaffolding group on Facebook. Every time I am amazed at how different opinions are.

Unfortunately I cannot publish every opinion here, otherwise my blog post will become a book. But I am grateful to everyone who was so free to give me their opinion on working with the MSG and PPE.

My conclusion:

Dear scaffolding colleagues and everyone who has to do with the construction of scaffolding, I ask you, protects you and others who work on the scaffolding. Everything that is prescribed to you is not always logical, but when it comes to a human life you should definitely think ahead. I am amazed that 50% of those surveyed are against the use of an MSG or PPE. But I am also convinced that the scaffolders should be given more support here, better subsidies and free training courses. I hope that we can guarantee safer work on scaffolding in the future and that even if there were “only” 8 deaths in 2016 (source ABZ) a total of 8 deaths were too many.

I will soon be spending a day with a scaffolding contractor. I will take you with my camera and show you how people work there, what work safety standards apply there and what a working day in scaffolding looks like.