Why do video games make the headache worse

Fatal mistakes that make headaches worse

1. Drink too little

You should always make sure to drink enough water or unsweetened tea. 1.5 liters per day is ideal. If you suffer from a headache, a lack of fluids can make the pain significantly worse! If you drink too little, the blood is thicker and the oxygen supply works worse, i.e. less oxygen arrives in the brain, which increases the pain.

By the way: If you always drink enough water, you can even prevent headaches.

2. Eat irregularly

If the blood sugar level drops too much because the last meal was far too long ago, it can trigger or worsen headaches if you are already suffering from it. Therefore, eat three main meals regularly and if you are hungry in between, also one or two snacks.

Migraines, tension or clusters: what headache do you have?

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3. Eat chocolate, cheese or ready-made meals

Avoid cheese, chocolate, red wine, ready meals, and cured foods if you have a headache - especially if you have migraines. These foods contain so-called biogenic amines, which are special proteins that can trigger and intensify headaches.

4. Watch TV

Whenever possible you should avoid watching TV, PC work and even reading books or magazines if you have a headache. All of this strains the eyes and the headache gets worse.

5. Bury yourself in the house

If you suffer from mild to moderate headaches, you should definitely avoid the mistake and hide in the dark. Get out in the fresh air. She blows her head free, you fill up with an extra portion of oxygen and with a little luck the symptoms will be over after the walk. Of course, this does not apply to migraines. Light can worsen the symptoms here.

6. Let yourself be stressed

Stress is always fatal, but headaches can make the problems much worse. Try to relax as best you can. Take a deep breath, do yoga or meditate. Often the headache will go away on its own.

7. Lie down lazily with tension headache

If you know that your complaints come from a tense neck, you shouldn't use the headache for a lazy afternoon on the sofa. That only makes them worse. You need a bit of exercise to release the tension. Yoga is great, as is walking, light jogging, or cycling.

8. Peppermint oil for migraines

Peppermint oil rubbed on the temples is a great home remedy for headaches. But: If you suffer from migraines, you should stay away from it. The essential oils can be too hot and make the headache worse.


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