Which software is best suited for automatic backlinks

Free Backlink Tools: The Best Free Backlink Finders!

In this article I want to introduce you to some great backlink tools and web tools for backlinks! You can save this article so you always have an overview at hand if you need the tools or just want to try out backlink tools.

Backlinks are always a hot topic on the internet and the more a page has of them, the better it is for the search engine places and for many other rankings on the internet. Anyone who runs a website on the Internet knows of course how difficult it is to get good, high-quality backlinks for their own site.

Overview of free backlink tools

These tools for backlinks and for the analysis of backlinks should help you in the hunt, on the Internet, for the so coveted backlinks, in order to promote your own linking of the page and thus to place your page better in the search engines!

There are many different backlink tools to be found here, as you have to analyze the links differently. You can use the tools to analyze the prices and also check the relevance and many other criteria.

Here is an overview of the backlink tools:

Further tools for backlink check:

I hope you can use these backlink tools to do a first and quick analysis of a link exchange and they will help you to link your page!

How to link your own pages on the Internet as quickly as possible and how and where to find the best backlinks is something nobody really can answer. Everyone has their own approach, tricks and tactics to link their own page or to get a lot of backlinks.

Backlinks through providers

Of course, if you have absolutely no idea about backlinks and the linking of your own site, you should fall back on a provider in this area!

Such providers for backlinks and for the optimal linking of your own page have the advantage that you don't have to worry about anything in this area ... everything is done by the provider and your own page automatically gets the coveted backlinks that it needs for good rankings.

Backlinks through comments

Backlink building through comments is tedious and requires a lot of work! You have to look for good blogs that also have “Follow” backlinks in the comments!

Unfortunately, the URL for most of the blog comments is set to “nofollow”, as it is already preset by WordPress. The whole thing can be changed manually - in the code of the page - or you can use plugins for this, which I will present in a separate article.

I hope the backlink tools will help you to link your site and I wish you every success with it!