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Killer b(also B, Killerbee, Killer Bee, Bee, Killer Beat, Kirabii) is a Jinchuuriki from Kumogakure and has the eight-tailed Bijuu. He is an ally of the Yotsuki clan, has seven swords and is the little brother of the Raikage. Some people in the village even refer to him as the "hero of Kumogakure".


Killer B is a rather lazy person who would rather lead a peaceful existence than that of a shinobi (similar to Shikamaru). In addition, he always seems to be in a good mood and would hardly show the opposite. He also sees himself as a great rapper, which is doubted by many, and keeps trying to come up with new rhymes that he recites during a fight to look cool. He also sometimes mocks his opponents when he is superior to them. However, he seems to be able to assess the strength of his opponent well and knows who to fight with full force. He has a very good relationship with his big brother A and would never make him look bad on purpose. He always greets his friends with one blow, fist to fist, and is also somewhat offended if someone does this wrong.


To find a new partner for A, a competition started in Kumogakure. Killer B was the only one in the entire village who was in sync with A to perform the Daburu Rariatto. From that day on, Killer was B A's brother. Both quickly became famous for their technique and first-class teamwork. Even if they weren't biological brothers, A became the most important person in Killer B's life.

At the age of five, Killer B's best friend was Motoi. However, when Fukai lost control of his bijuu, several shinobi lost their lives and the hachibi had to be sealed in someone new again, Killer B was chosen as his new jinchuuriki. One of the shinobi who died from the Hachibi was Furui, Motoi's father, which is why Motoi could no longer look Killer B, the new host of the Hachibi, in the eyes, let alone talk to him. Before Killer B really became the new Jinchuuriki, A took him to the Waterfall of Truth and tried to make him see how his life was going to change. Still, A promised him one thing, no matter what happened, they would always be brothers.
Motoi even attempted an ambush assassination attempt on his former best friend some time later, when both Motoi and Killer B began their shinobi training, as he hoped the Hachibi would die too and he could get his revenge. But the assassination failed. Motoi had disguised himself, but Killer B recognized him, but was by no means angry. Nevertheless Motoi was ashamed and since then has never spoken to Killer B again, but, like the rest of the village, watched his every step. Nobody believed that Killer B would manage to control his bijuu and that he would soon kill several innocent people, which is why he was hated and ostracized by many people.

Still, Killer B didn't despair of it, just smiled and continued to do his foolishness. He tried to become such a good Jinchuuriki so as not to disappoint his brother, who has now become Raikage. At an unknown point in time, Killer B and A went to an island in the realm of lightning, where conditions prevail like in the forest of death in Konohagakure, only the island is said to be even more extreme. Killer B and his brother trained there for a while. Killer B managed to tame the island's animals and thus to become the "king of the beasts". He also managed there to gain full control over his Bijuu and to take his wildness away. Because of this, the villagers' attitudes towards Killer B changed and he became increasingly popular over time.


Attack team Takas

As Killer B is finishing his training, Team Taka shows up looking for him to get his Bijuu. During the fight he showed that he knows how to control his bijuu well. He turned into his bijuu during the fight to get rid of Sasuke & Co. However, he was ultimately powerless against Sasuke's Amaterasu. So in the end he was kidnapped by Team Taka and taken to Akatsuki, where Tobi was already waiting for them. But it turned out that Killer B used the Kawarimi no Jutsu and Henge no Jutsu to deceive Sasuke and to swap with one of the severed tails of the eight-tailed man. When the air was clear, Killer B set out to leave his village, as his previous life had annoyed him and he needed a break. Since he was now considered dead in his village, nothing stood in the way of that.

Fight against Kisame

Killer B went to Sabu to learn more about the passion in the spoken word "Enka". Sabu was just about to explain to him how important passion is, but when Kisame Hoshigaki showed up to end what Sasuke had failed to do.
Sabu and his raccoon Ponta want to support him, but are quickly knocked out by Kisame. However, he frees Samehada completely from his bandages and you can see that it is a being completely occupied with shark teeth with a hungry mouth. Killer B activates seven of the eight tails and storms towards Kisame. However, Samehada eats six of the tails immediately. Hachibi tries to persuade his Jinchuuriki to let him go completely free, which B wants to prevent, since the destructive power of his fully released Hachibi form would be too dangerous for Sabu and Ponta and too conspicuous. So B asks the Hachibi to simply support him with chakra, and so Killer B transforms into the eight-tailed human form. He rushes towards Kisame, catches him, and tears a hole in his chest. Sabu encourages Killer B to finish him off quickly, but by then Kisame has already picked up his sword and sucks off the Chakra Killer B eaten by Samehada, which immediately regenerates him. Kisame also explains that the stronger his opponent is, the stronger he becomes, and that he is therefore invincible. Then he buries Killer B, Sabu and Ponta under a huge water bubble and fuses with his sword. Killer B now has a tough opponent in the water with Kisame in his shark form. He also has to save Sabu and Ponta from drowning. In the further course of the fight, Killer B partially transforms into the Hachibi and wraps his tentacles around Kisame. But since he is still one with Samehada, Killer B is sucked out by touching the chakra. To confuse his opponent, Killer B spits ink into the water.

However, Kisame can track him down through his shark senses even in dark water and hit him one blow after the other. When Kisame's huge water bladder is dissolved and Killer B lies defeated on the ground, Kisame tries to cut off his legs with Samehada. To his astonishment, the sword has now taken a liking to Killer B's chakra and, on the contrary, gives him Kisame's chakra, whereupon he kicks his weapon away. Instead, he takes one of Killer B's swords. But before Kisame can strike, Raikage A and his companions appear and rescue Killer B. In a joint attack, Killer B and his brother Kisame behead. But now he has to listen to the Raikage's sermon.

Return to the village

Samehada had apparently become so used to Killer B that it accepted him as the new master and never left his side, which is why Killer B decided to take it with him to the village. Omoi and Karui, the students of Killer B, were very happy that their Sensei is still alive, as is the rest of the village. But since a war with Tobi and Akatsuki was imminent, the joy of seeing each other was short-lived.
Killer B was involved in the war counseling in Kumogakure but had little interest in the conversation and preferred to come up with some new rhymes. He did not notice that the real Kisame was hiding in Samehada and thus eavesdropping on the meeting. Since it was decided that Killer B and Naruto were not allowed to take part in the war, both were sent to the island, where Killer B was considered the "King of the Beasts". Killer B himself wasn't told to hide him and Naruto there, just to take a vacation there for a while.

Living with Naruto on the island

In his completely transformed form, B saves the ship on which Naruto and several other shinobi from Konoha and Kumo are when it is attacked by an octopus on the island's coast. Motoi greeted everyone by telling them they were very late. B later led them to his home on the island and protected them from the wild animals on their way there. When Naruto heard that he was the eight-tailed Jinchuuriki and could completely control it, Naruto later asked him if he could help him control his Bijuu. However, Killer B didn't particularly like Naruto's style and therefore declined.
B wanted to enjoy his vacation, so he had a couple of sumo fights with some bears. The Hachibi in turn appealed to Killer B to help Naruto after all, since Killer B should know how Naruto was feeling. But Killer B had reasons not to want to help him.

After this experience, Killer B decided to help Naruto. After Naruto defeated his dark self at the Waterfall of Truth, Killer B led him to a secret training temple. He went with him and Yamato into a secret chamber and meditated with Naruto so that he could make contact with the Kyuubi. In the fight against this, Killer B was able to support Naruto briefly. However, in the fight against the Bijuu, the connection was severed and Naruto faced the fox spirit alone.

After Naruto had succeeded in defeating the Kyuubi and absorbing its chakra, Killer B immediately congratulated Naruto. With his new powers, Naruto was also able to locate Kisame within Samehada, whereupon the latter revealed himself and fled. B continued to keep Samehada as it was forced by Kisame and B still preferred it. B and later Yamato and Naruto ran after him and were able to find Kisame on the coast of the island where Maito Gai had defeated him. Shortly thereafter, Kisame's final trap activated, locking everyone in a water bladder while Kisame's report was sent to Kabuto and Tobi. After a while they were able to free themselves from it. Naruto then wanted to fulfill his mission and made a list of all animals on the island, whereby B should help him, since all animals on the island obeyed him. After Naruto finished and Oonoki transported the island, which is actually a giant turtle, to the lightning realm, B wanted to teach Naruto how to properly control the Bijuu chakra. While all the other shinobi prepare for war, Killer B should keep Naruto busy with training.

Way to the battlefield

After Naruto's senses were sharpened more and more through training, he felt that something was wrong outside of it. It wasn't long before he found out about the war and decided to help his friends and ran out of the training hall. Killer B later followed him, where he met Iruka, who asked him to take care of Naruto. Killer B decided not to prevent Naruto from going to the battlefield, but to help him protect her friends. Together they managed to take the barrier team by surprise and headed for the battlefield.

Some time later they met Tsunade and A, who wanted to stop them, as this war ultimately revolved around protecting them. But neither of them wanted to give up. Tsunade were able to convince them to let them go, but the Raikage wanted to kill the two rather than leave them to Tobi, which resulted in a fight. During the fight, however, Killer B was able to remind his foster brother of their time together and that Jinchuuriki are not weapons, but only humans. The Raikage reluctantly let her go.

Together, Naruto and Killer B managed to expose and defeat a lot of white Zetsus who had disguised themselves as Shinobis, whereby the number of opponents continued to shrink. Naruto created some shadow duplicates of himself so that more Zetsus could be exposed everywhere. The real Naruto and Killer B soon faced their next challenge in the form of Nagato and Itachi Uchiha. However, Itachi managed to free himself from Kabuto's control and helped the two fight Nagato. Itachi then separated from both of them because he had something to do.
After Killer B was also involved in the direct fight against Obito Uchiha, Madara Uchiha and the Juubi, he, like many others, is also captured by Madara's Mugen Tsukuyomi.


13 years after the end of the war, during the epilogue, Bee is on Genbu at the waterfall of truth and talks to Gyuuki, who stayed with him after the war. Bee plays with the idea of ​​meeting Naruto again, but the other person thinks it is not a good idea, since as Hokage he is now a very busy man - in contrast to Bee.

Techniques and special skills

Killer B is a masterful swordsman who even manages to handle seven swords at the same time and was able to put Sasuke Uchiha and Suigetsu Hoozuki quite hard. Since he tamed his bijuu a long time ago, Killer B can easily access his bijuu chakra or transform himself completely into the hachibi without losing control of himself. Since his bijuu can also free him from gene jutsu, Killer B is as good as immune to gene jutsu. Furthermore, Killer B has such great physical strength that he can easily defeat bears that are twice his size in a sumo fight.


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  • His character is reminiscent of Muhammad Ali, the boxer, as he used the phrase "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!" used.
  • Visually, it is strongly reminiscent of the wrestling legend "Terrence Gene Bollea", better known as Hulk Hogan.
  • Since he likes to rhyme, he apparently also has influences from the music scene. Masashi Kishimoto is a fan of the rap group Wu-Tang-Clan.
    • He lets himself into the fight