Can we marry siblings

Marriage bans: who is actually allowed to marry whom in Germany?

January 19, 2018 - 7:19 pm

Wedding between relatives: is it allowed?

We reported about the unusual love of Josephine (17) and Gerrit (49). Josephine was only 14 when she got together with her aunt's 32-year-old ex-husband. Now the two want to get married. Is that even allowed? Who can marry whom in Germany?

In the worst case, there is a risk of jail

Where does love fall This does not apply to a marriage in Germany! There are clear laws about who can marry whom. Here are the most important rules at a glance, you can find out more exciting facts in the video:

1. Prohibition of double marriages
A marriage may not be concluded if one of the partners is already married to a third person or is registered in a civil partnership. If they do get married, this is considered a criminal offense. In the worst case, it can result in a three-year prison sentence.

2. Relationship
Marriage between relatives is also prohibited - but only for relatives in a straight line. This means that parents cannot marry their birth or adopted children or their grandchildren. The same also applies to "full and half-born" siblings (with one or two common parents). However, relatives in a not straight line may be married. For example, cousins ​​are allowed to marry. Step-siblings are also allowed to marry as long as they do not have a parent in common.

3. Age
In Germany, only people of legal age are allowed to marry. None of the partners can be a minor.

Josephine (17) and Gerrit (49) have to wait until the wedding, until Josephine is of legal age next year.