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Article Blug Plays Hendrix

About our concert in Karlsruhe appeared on May 5th. in the Badische Neusten Nachrichten - Kultur this cool article:
Hendrix reinvented
Thomas Blug and band reinterpret the classics

Can you start “All Along The Watchtower” with a sound board that almost sounds like blissful nirvana? Can you slowly turn “Hey Joe” to Stevie Wonder's “Superstition” and back again? Can you incorporate a classic-looking part in “Foxy Lady”, in which the bass and guitar meet at the highest possible technical level for a targeted orgasm? Yes, you can and may do all of this. When your name is Thomas Blug and you have a very relaxed relationship with Jimi Hendrix. In any case, a different one than Randy Hansen, who probably sees himself as a kind of Hendrix reincarnation: "It would be ridiculous if I were to put on shoe cream and turn my guitar", the Saarlander explained to the audience on Thursday evening in the Jubez.
He wanted something completely different: Show that Gejdrix "made great songs" and play them in a different groove. He is supported by Reggie Worthy, known as the bassist of Stoppok, who fires from all cylinders and literally plays like there is no tomorrow. He forms the perfect team with Bodo Schopf, an old-school emotional drummer for whom technology is only a secondary aid. Above all, he lives from strength and empathy - and that with a constant grin. David Readman shines in this context with the whole pathos (sometimes a little too much of it) of a hard rock trained voice, which in contrast to Reggie Worthy's soul timbre works very well.
Blug himself is a master of tastefully set tone cascades and sophisticated dynamics. It plays with a warm, controlled sound that can only be coaxed from a Fender Stratocaster. But Thomas Blug is a guitarist of sense: Despite all the solo brilliance, despite all the alienation ideas and the willingness to experiment in the arrangements: his playing lacks that little bit of madness that characterized guitarists who rammed in the pillars that were to define the rock guitar around 1970, Hendrix first and foremost. Blug can hardly be blamed for that, so the bottom line is the joy of the highly inspired, intoxicating interplay of a band towards the end of the concert, which is so obviously fun at work that the hackneyed word of that spark that skips into the audience, for once isn't a lie.


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