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Kakashi, Naruto and Sasuke


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After the fight against Gouzu and Meizu, Tazuna explains to Team 7 that he wants to build a bridge that connects his home island with the mainland. A businessman named Gateau wants to prevent this from happening. Therefore, more assassins are to be expected. However, his country could not have paid for a B-Mission, which is why he withheld these details when he asked for a bodyguard in Konohagakure. Despite these circumstances, Team 7 decides to continue the mission. On the way to Tazuna's house they come through a forest. Naruto, who is determined to steal the show from Sasuke this time, interprets every rustling as an enemy and throws a kunai into the bushes. But you will only find one terrified mountain hare there. This makes Kakashi suspicious - since the mountain hare, although it is spring, still has its white winter fur and was therefore probably raised in a cage for the jutsu of the trade. In fact, the next moment a sword flies in their direction and Kakashi's warning comes just in time. The sword just rams into a tree. The owner of the sword now appears on the hilt - Zabuza Momochi, a Nukenin from Kirigakure. Naruto now wants to prove that he can fight and wants to attack Zabuza, but Kakashi holds him back - he explains that Zabuza is a much more dangerous opponent. Kakashi wants to take over this alone, while the others are supposed to guard Tazuna.

Kakashi vs Zabuza 1st round

Kakashi pulls up his headband and reveals his sharingan, which his team members didn't know about before. Zabuza, on the other hand, has apparently already heard of Kakashi and his Sharingan and is not intimidated in the least. He explains that his mission is to kill Tazuna, then immediately retreats to the surface of the nearby lake, concentrates his chakra and uses kirigakure no jutsu. Thick fog forms and Zabuza disappears. From Kakashi they learn how dangerous Zabuza actually is. He kills his opponents so quickly and silently that you only notice him when you are dead. The fog is getting thicker and thicker, so that Naruto & Co can soon no longer see Kakashi. Suddenly you can hear Zabuza's voice listing different ways of killing her. Kakashi concentrates some of his chakra to slightly break the fog so that others can see him again.

Sasuke is already quite intimidated by Zabuza's jutsu, but Kakashi assures him that he will protect them all with his life. However, suddenly Zabuza stands between Tazuna and the Genin. Kakashi immediately attacks him with a kunai, while Tazuna, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura quickly dodge so as not to be in the way of the two. But this Zabuza only turns out to be a water double - the real Zabuza stands behind Kakashi and divides it with his Kubikiri Bouchou. But even this is only a water doppelganger. Kakashi has copied the technique with his Sharingan, now stands behind Zabuza and holds a kunai by his neck. He now announces the end to Zabuza. But Zabuza just laughs at it. Because the Zabuza that Kakashi threatens is also just a doppelganger and the real Zabuza is now behind Kakashi. He wants to kill Kakashi with his sword again, but Kakashi can duck just in time, which means that Zabuza rams his sword into the ground.

After being kicked by Zabuza, Kakashi lands in the water. Zabuza pulls his sword out of the ground and runs after him. But he has to stop because Makibishi are lying on the floor. That's why Zabuza has to jump into the water. When Kakashi reappears, Zabuza stands behind him and uses Suirou no Jutsu. Kakashi is now trapped in a water bubble. However, Zabuza has to hold the water ball with his arm for this technique, which is why he uses Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu and creates a doppelganger who is supposed to take care of Tazuna & Co.

Sasukes and Naruto's replacement

The doppelganger tells the three genins that they are not really shinobi yet, just children. He lets the fog rise again and gives Naruto a violent kick, causing his headband to come off. Then he steps on the headband. Kakashi tells them to run away with Tazuna, as they have no chance of defeating him, but as long as Zabuza cannot move because of the water prison, they would have the opportunity to escape. But Sasuke sees it differently, since Zabuza is too fast anyway, there is no choice but to fight. Sasuke runs towards Zabuza and throws several shuriken at him, but Zabuza fends them off with his sword. Sasuke now comes jumping from above and wants to attack him, but Zabuza takes a step back, holds Sasuke and throws him away. At the sight of Zabuza's strength, Naruto becomes more and more afraid of him and begins to tremble and fear for his life.

But suddenly he notices the wound on his hand that he had inflicted on himself. He then remembers stations in his life that motivate him not to give up. He runs towards Zabuza, but is immediately thrown back in the direction of his teammates. Like Kakashi, Sakura is of the opinion that the Genin have no chance against Zabuza alone and asks him what this stupid action was supposed to be about, but then she sees that Naruto has only got his headband back. Naruto gets up again, defeated, puts on his headband and tells Zabuza to remember the name Naruto Uzumaki. Then he turns to Sasuke and tells him - to everyone's amazement - he has a plan and needs Sasuke's support. Kakashi reminds his students once again that they should better disappear and that their task is to protect Tazuna, but even Tazuna only says that the three Kakashi cannot let go and should keep fighting.

From Kakashi and Zabuza we learn something about Zabuza's past, but immediately afterwards this Sasuke attacks with a body check. Immediately afterwards Zabuza hits Sasuke's stomach with his elbow. He holds Sasuke with one foot on the ground, grabs his sword and wants to finish him off. But Naruto intervenes with his Kage Bunshin no Jutsu to surround Zabuza. Each of the Narutos pulls out a kunai and attacks Zabuza while jumping. Sasuke uses this to first withdraw. Zabuza tries to protect himself with his sword. He throws away all the Narutos with his strength. But Naruto already has a new plan and throws Sasuke a Fuuma-Shuriken.

Sasuke understands Naruto's plan and catches it. He fans out the shuriken and uses Kage Shuriken no Jutsu. Zabuza's water doppelganger is not particularly impressed by this. Sasuke jumps in the air and throws the shuriken. But Zabuza only realizes late that the shuriken is not directed at his doppelganger, but at himself. Nevertheless, Zabuza catches the shuriken with his free hand without any problems. On it, however, he sees the second Shuriken, which flew in the blind spot of the first and which he can no longer stop. At the last moment he jumps up to avoid the shuriken and at the same time not lose contact with Kakashi's prison. While Sakura cannot believe that Zabuza was able to evade the attack, Naruto and Sasuke seem not worried. Because the second Shuriken now turns out to be Naruto, who had transformed before the start of this attack and had a doppelganger announced the plan. Naruto now throws a kunai at Zabuza.

Kakashi vs Zabuza 2nd round

In order to evade, Zabuza has no choice but to let go of Kakashi's water prison. But he wants to get revenge on Naruto and throw the other Shuriken on him. But Kakashi stops him with his glove. He praises Naruto, who fell in the water, for his plan. But now he wants to take on the fight himself again. Zabuza folds all the blades of the shuriken and then continues to press on Kakashi's hand, but Kakashi's hand knocks the shuriken away. Zabuza and Kakashi now both make a leap backwards to gain distance.

Kakashi looks closely at Zabuza with his Sharingan as they jump backwards. Then, when Zabuza lands, he makes several finger signs in a row. When Kakashi lands, he makes exactly the same finger signals, but a little faster to catch up with Zabuza. Both now use Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu, whereby the two water dragons defeat each other. Then Kakashi and Zabuza - still on the water - fight on with sword and kunai. To Zabuza, it seems a bit strange that Kakashi not only copies his technique so quickly, but even ends up being at the same time.

Again both jump backwards and run around in circles on the water. Zabuza has to find out something, so he also raises one arm in the air and the other at mouth level. Kakashi does the same thing to him. Zabuza thinks about what's going on here; he is very worried that Kakashi makes every move he makes at the same time as himself. But even started thoughts of Zabuza Kakashi ends loudly, which is why Zabuza gradually becomes afraid that Kakashi even thinks the same as he or that he can read his thoughts. Zabuza doesn't want to be intimidated and instead tries to insult Kakashi. But when Kakashi finishes the sentence with him, Zabuza is finally done with the nerves. He now wants to use Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu, but Kakashi has even finished the technique before him.

Haku's intervention

The resulting water wave pulls Zabuza with it. It is washed several meters away until it hits a tree. Immediately afterwards, some kunai hit him in his arms and legs, which Kakashi had thrown from a tree he was sitting on. Zabuza asks Kakashi if he can see into the future, Kakashi says yes and announces the end of Zabuza. At that moment, Zabuza is hit by some throwing needles and falls to the ground. These needles seem to come from an Oi-Nin who thanks Kakashi for defeating Zabuza and for finally being able to kill him. Naruto can't believe that a boy of almost the same age hit Zabuza with a couple of needles. The hunting ninja says goodbye and takes Zabuza with him. Kakashi and the others now want to bring Tazuna to his house. However, at that moment, Kakashi collapses from the rigors of the fight.


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