How is Nagato related to Naruto?

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The basic problem is simply that we don't know what exactly is meant by "given". The assumption that Nagato had Madara's eyes transplanted would actually make the most sense, because otherwise Tobi would have to have gotten some from somewhere else, which shouldn't be that easy - only there are enough reasons for that make that a little absurd. It's true, of course, that Nagato should actually be able to use the Sharingan, but I noticed something that doesn't necessarily have to matter in this situation, but at least provides an explanation for me.
The Senju, or more precisely Hashirama, always support the Uchiha.
Their power allows the use of Izanagi, a doujutsu, which the Senju cannot use due to the lack of eyes. Her power shortens the loading time for Shisui's Kotoamatsukami. But so far we have not heard anything about the Uchiha ever supporting the Senju. It is possible that Nagato's relationship to the Senju clan is responsible for the fact that he cannot use the Sharingan, but the Rinnegan, which does not react sensitively to the Senju genes. I know that the Uzumaki are only distantly related to the Senju, and that should therefore not really play a role, especially since the thesis sounds absurd anyway, but I could definitely accept such a result.

You are welcome to take this theory apart now, but I don't think the discussion will be of much use anyway, because we won't have the faintest idea how Kishi wants to clear it up anyway.


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