Pack soil when planting

You have received the plants you ordered - what now?

You have just received your plants and now you want to know how to plant or store them? On this page you will find information and tips on how to properly handle your Vivara plants.

Check the content of the order

Unpack your order straight away, even if you don't want to plant the plants directly yet. In the delivery packaging you will find the delivery note and the invoice for your order - you can use these documents to check whether you have received all the plants you want. If, in exceptional cases, this is not the case, please contact our customer service.

In what condition do you receive the plants?

Most of the plants that Vivara delivers are in the dormant period. This means that they are not blooming and may not look particularly beautiful at the time of delivery.

The most important reason to deliver the plants at this stage is that the plants are more durable in this phase than in the growth and flowering periods. Plants in rest time “sleep through” the packaging and delivery time and are less sensitive to these external influences. If necessary, Vivara extends the dormant time of the plants by exposing them to a lower temperature.

In short, the plants are not exactly the prettiest sight on the top, but the roots are in good condition and ready to take care of the plant in the coming seasons so that it can grow and bloom well.

Assessment of the quality

The quality of the plant depends on the roots. To assess this, you can proceed as follows:

  • Pick up the pot and turn it over. Gently tap the ground to loosen the ball of the pot.
  • Gently pull on the pot to remove it. (If you want to plant the plants directly, the root ball does not have to be put back into the pot.
  • Check whether the roots are clearly visible. The better you can see the roots in the pot ball and the more it is held together by the roots, the stronger the root system and the better the condition of the plant. Note, however: some plants naturally have thicker or thinner roots than others - thinner roots are not necessarily a sign of poor quality.

Planting tip:

If you can't easily remove the ball of the pot from the pot, cut up the pot. To encourage the plant to grow, it is important that the roots have enough space and are loose enough. Therefore, before planting, you should also knead and loosen the pot ball a little before you put it in the ground. After planting, press the soil firmly and give the plant enough water. Pay particular attention to regular watering of the plant in the first time.

It is best to plant directly

In general, the following applies: If possible, plant the plants you have ordered immediately. If this is not possible, ensure that you take good care of them right up until the time of planting. Below are some helpful storage tips.

Storing Plants: 7 Valuable Tips

  1. Open the packaging with the plants and place them in a dry, frost-free place.
  2. Keep container plants in a cool, light place. Do not put the plants in full sun and give them some water.
  3. Some (fruit) shrubs, trees and conifers are packed bare-roots without straw in plastic bags. If you cannot plant immediately, open the packaging and it is best to place the plant in a container with soil. This allows the top of the plant to breathe.
  4. Keep trees with clumps of earth (shrubs and conifers) in a cool, light place before you plant them out. Make sure that nothing dries out. Dip the woody plants in a bucket of water.
  5. The roots of roses and ornamental shrubs are delivered without a root ball, i.e. bare-rooted. When you receive them, put them in a bucket of water to prevent them from drying out.
  6. Do you keep your new acquisition outdoors for a longer period of time? Then make sure to give the trees extra protection. The easiest way is the tried and tested renting: you dig a trench and place boards in an inclined position. Use the excavated earth as a support. Pour water over the roots and fill in the trench.
  7. Do you keep your plants in the shed or garage? Then put evergreen shrubs and conifers in a place where they will not get direct sun. Leave the roots in the packaging until you are definitely ready to plant. Plants without a pot ball or leaf can be placed on the ground.

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