Archery is a good hobby sport


The archery department of the BSV Dormagen currently has around 80 members. In the following you can find out more about archery in general and from the BSV.

1. What can archery offer me?

  • Hobby sport or competitive sport? Both are possible
  • Increase concentration and control
  • Improve posture and condition
  • Peace and quiet (e.g. for a stressful job!)
  • Cozy get-together in club life

2. Who can even practice this sport?

  • Everyone! Archery is suitable for all age groups, except for the very little ones (minimum age in the BSV: 10 years)
  • special skills or physical fitness are not required
  • There is no maximum age for entry
  • in short: a sport for the whole family

3. What do I have to bring to training?

  • First of all, nothing but comfortable clothing with good freedom of movement in the shoulders, the sleeves should still be tight
  • The association will provide the material free of charge to get you started
  • If the fun is still there after about 3 months, we advise everyone to borrow bow equipment from a specialist dealer
  • If you have finally decided to stay with archery after approx. 6 months, we recommend buying your own archery equipment (periods differ)
  • We are happy to advise you on loan and purchase
  • The price? From around € 200 upwards. As is so often the case, everything is open at the top.

4. What is part of the archery equipment?

  • First of all, of course, a bow
  • Accessories such as arrows, a quiver, an arm guard and a tab (finger guard)
  • a suitcase or a bag / backpack for stowing and transporting the equipment

5. What types of archery do we offer?

The two types of archery competitions that are practiced in our club are:


  • Aiming with the help of a sight
  • Shooting at targets with ring faces
  • this type of archery is also Olympic (then only at 70 meters)
  • The equipment is a bit more extensive here! There are also visors and stabilizers

Hunting archery

  • More original style of archery
  • no aiming device, shoot by feel
  • Usually outside in the area on 3-D animal dummies or animal pictures
  • this is mostly limited to the basic equipment!

6. Is archery exhausting?

  • clearly yes and no
  • In the first training period, muscles will become noticeable that you didn't even know you had (especially in the back)
  • after a while, however, these muscles are strengthened and help prevent postural damage
  • the general condition is increased without overwhelming the heart and lungs
  • However, you can only really work up a sweat if you are in a hurry to get arrows

7. When and where does the training take place?

  • Here are our training times for beginners:
    Open-air season (after the Easter holidays, depending on the weather until the end of September / mid-October):
    Wednesdays 5.30pm-7pm on the Bogenwiese at the Dormagener Schützenhaus
  • There is no training during the school holidays.