How do you change a flat tire

Replacing individual tires - does that make sense?

When a tire breaks, you often want to replace the individual tire. However, there are a few concerns. Read our tips here.

Before buying a new tire, you should definitely consider repairing the defective tire. A repair is also possible with tubeless tires.

Can you swap a single tire?

If the tire cannot be repaired, you can of course buy a new tire and fit it. However, this only makes sense if the tires are not too old.

However, if the other tire on the axle is very old and worn, it is better to replace both tires on the same axle at the same time.

A new tire has a much higher static friction than a worn one. If two tires of different quality are mounted on one axle, the vehicle can break away when braking. This creates an increased risk of accidents.

Tires on one axle must have the same profile

But there are also legal requirements that must be complied with. According to the law, both tires on one axle must have an identical profile and be of the same quality. The tires on the front axle do not necessarily have to be identical to the tires on the rear axle.

Some workshops or tire dealers present a major problem in this context. As soon as you only want to have one new tire fitted, skilled dealers will try to sell you four tires at the same time. It is often argued that it is far too dangerous to replace just a single tire. This argument only applies if the other tires are already extremely worn.

Of course, it is best if you have a trusted dealer who can give you detailed advice and assess whether you need a new tire or two.