How did paintball start?



is a team sport. Two teams play against each other
with 5 - 10 players each. The opponents are "marked" with the help of compressed air and gas pressure markers. Marking means that the player has been hit by an opponent's colored ammunition and must leave the field.


The name paintball is derived from the color ammunition, which consists of food coloring (English paint = color) and has a gelatin coating to strengthen it. A colloquial term for paintball in the United States is gotcha. However, the term "PAINTBALL" is internationally recognized and common. PAINTBALL (then still Gotcha) started as a bet in America in 1981 with air pistols to mark cattle. Initially prevented as a sport, the sport came to the public in 1992 through the first television broadcasts of tournaments and the 1996 World Championships. The sport of paintball is spreading steadily. Today over 8 million people play paintball in over 100 countries.


The colored ammunition is released from a "marker", which gets a high speed when fired by the gas pressure of a CO² bottle or compressed air bottle. For this reason, paintball is only allowed by law from the age of 18. The pressure when firing can cause bruises and bruises on the body. Appropriate protective clothing is the top priority.

A distinction is made between "fun players" and "tournament players". Tournament players can mainly be found on a so-called SupAir field, whereas fun players mostly use forest fields to play paintball.

Paintball is a sport that is particularly suitable for company outings for team building. It requires teamwork and strengthens the group through joint tactical action.