How can you become a consultant?

Becoming self-employed as a consultant: What do you have to pay attention to?

First of all: who do you want to advise, in what and why? Yourself become self-employed as a consultant should only come from those who can actually offer something in their branch: know-how, market knowledge and experience. That means that a consultant has to position himself very clearly and needs specialization. You can find out what else you should pay attention to in this article.

  1. What qualifies you
  2. What tasks do consultants have?
  3. Which areas of expertise are suitable for becoming self-employed as a consultant?
  4. What are the future prospects?
  5. What should you look out for if you want to become a consultant?
  6. How can you offer the consulting service?
  7. What are the unique selling points of good consultants?
  8. How can you find customers as a consultant?
  9. Everything is regulated by tax consultants and co.

Start your own business as a consultant - what qualifies you?

Consultants achieve high hourly and daily rates, can often choose their working hours and are mostly freelancers. Registering with the tax office and filling out the questionnaire for opening a business would then be sufficient. In many areas, consultant is a title that anyone can have printed on their business card. Therefore you have to be able to point out what qualifies you.

What tasks do consultants have?

Consultants are experts in a special field who provide important information for their clients. They must be able to respond to the situation of their clients individually in order to develop special solutions that are necessary for solving or coping with a problem. To do this, consultants must have the Recognize and analyze the needs of your customers as well as be able to work with these professional and result-oriented to deal with. Finally, consultants develop practical strategies together with their customers and can also accompany them during the implementation of the solution paths.

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Which areas of expertise are suitable for becoming self-employed as a consultant?

Consultants can concentrate on specific core topics within a specialist area in order to specialize their offer and address a selected group of clients. In the best case scenario, people who are self-employed as consultants have extensive training and many years of professional experience in a specific field. In this way, they can fall back on a head start in terms of qualifications and specialist knowledge that identifies them as experts in relation to their clients. For example, consultants can work in the following areas:

  • distribution
  • management
  • IT
  • Finances
  • marketing
  • Career
  • training
  • Married couples and family

and many more

Become a consultant - what are the future prospects?

The number of consultants is increasing. This is not only because consulting pays well and starting a consulting company is very straightforward. Many well-trained specialists cannot find a job in their training occupation and are looking for alternatives on how they can use their expertise. In addition, numerous social innovations and technical developments, most of which appear within a short period of time, contribute to the need for advice. Because many companies or those privately affected find it difficult to keep pace with the pace and demands of the changes and have a considerable need for professional support. Since it is to be expected that the development trend will continue in the future, the The need for advice will increase in the long term.

What should you look out for if you want to become a consultant?

In order to assert oneself as a consultant on the market and to be economically successful, it is necessary to consider numerous other criteria in addition to professional qualifications and excellent communication skills.


If you want to start your own business as a consultant, you should have a clear specialization establish. As a rule, the choice of core competency results from the training occupation or from previous professional activity. The specialization not only ensures that you differentiate yourself from other consultants. Rather, it also helps the consulting company to develop itself. Because the longer the consultant is active in his specialization, the more knowledge and experience he acquires for his own expertise. In addition, the specialization ensures a well-founded reputation, which is the best advertisement for new clients.

Personality matters

Consultants work primarily in close personal contact with their customers. In order to guarantee the success of the consulting service, the consultant must therefore be able to convince his customers to a particular degree with his personality. It is therefore necessary that the specialization of the consulting service matches your own personality. When choosing the core competence for the consulting company, the Strengths in your own personality as an orientation serve.

Become a consultant with a target group

In order to become self-employed as a consultant, it is necessary to define a specific target group. Those who generally offer their consulting services as “consulting for the management of companies” may address a wide range of companies. Most addressees, however, do not see themselves addressed with a salutation that is too general. Those who, on the other hand, adapt specifically to the size or shape of the company, can target a group of companies. Because the problems of small companies differ from the consulting needs of large companies. For example, founders can become consultants for:

  • Small business
  • Craft businesses
  • Owner-managed businesses
  • Service company
  • Gastronomic establishments
  • Large corporations
  • Manufacturing company

and many others

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How can you offer the consulting service?

Consultants can formulate and offer their services in product packages. For this purpose, founders should already consider in the run-up to their self-employment which special services will be their focus and how they can formulate them as products. Interested parties have the opportunity to find out about the advisory service before making the first contact in order to weigh up whether it meets their needs. Here, too, it is important to avoid wording that is too general. The service package can, for example Products such as quick check, inventory, analysis or a workshop include. On the basis of the product package, the customer receives an insight into the consulting service, the scope and the procedure and thus a decision-making aid to make use of the service.

What are the unique selling points of good consultants?

You should start your own business as a consultant if you have something to offer. After all, you want your customers to buy knowledge, advice and concepts from you. However, your qualifications include more than just official certificates and verifiable professional experience. A consultant needed Knowledge of human nature, understanding of processes and must have a feel for what is feasible.

Before you start your own business as a consultant in the area you have in mind, you should take a close look at what the competition is offering. Is there a market for what you want to offer? Would companies or private individuals book you because they need your know-how? You need a business plan!

How can you find customers as a consultant?

A business plan always includes a market analysis: Where and who should your customers be? Is the need there? Since you know your industry, you will be able to answer that for sure. Then you have to tailor your offers to suit your target group.

For freelancers who start a business in the service sector as a solo self-employed person, acquisition is an important part of future success. Maybe you get your first assignments through former work colleagues and existing contacts. Are you known as an expert? Great!

You have to reach all future customers who do not yet know you differently. Rattling is part of the craft. Anyone who works as a consultant can make their expertise known through a website and participation in professional networks or with the help of social media marketing.

Everything is regulated by tax consultants and co.

The advisory services, for which you have to pass special exams, are on a completely different sheet. Tax consultants, for example, are only allowed to name those who have completed and passed the relevant training.

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