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DFB reacts - Steinhaus-Webb: do not exclude women in principle

Status: May 20, 2021 4:15 p.m.

The position paper by nine prominent women for more female managers in football quickly had an impact. The DFB has reacted to the advance of Bibiana Steinhaus-Webb and Co.

"We would like to invite the group to enter into a dialogue with us and to stand up for diversity in football together," announced the German Football Association (DFB) on Thursday. The day before, the initiators of the "Football can do more" campaign, which in addition to the former Bundesliga referee Steinhaus-Webb, national goalkeeper Almuth Schult and ex-HSV official Katja Kraus, included a binding women's quota of 30 percent in a position paper managerial positions at the DFB and in professional clubs.

This includes the position at the head of the German Football Association, which is vacant after the resignation of President Fritz Keller.

"I am simply defending myself against the idea of ​​fundamentally ruling out the possibility that the next managerial position in the DFB could also be a woman who takes this position and directs the fortunes of football."Bibiana Steinhaus-Webb

"Our football is colorful and diverse. Unfortunately, this image is not yet to be found in all management structures of football," said Steinhaus-Webb, who ended her active career last autumn, the NDR. There is currently only one woman on the DFB Presidium. Nevertheless, for the 42-year-old, who brought Bundesliga referee Manuel Gräfe into play as a possible candidate, a woman at the top of the DFB is not inevitable: "The next DFB President does not necessarily have to be a DFB President. The best candidate or the best candidate should fill the position. "

Schult: "Women can do leadership positions"

Wolfsburg goalkeeper Schult sees it that way. "I do not have a single candidate as a wish. My wish would be that it is not just about a new president, but about a new leadership that works together. That is not just one person, it is several people." said the 30-year-old in an interview with NDR. "In my opinion, that has to involve at least two or three women."

Schult gladly accepts the offer for dialogue from the DFB. "I'm looking forward to the exchange." The world-class goalkeeper does not want to appear as a supplicant. She finds clear words. The male dominance in the DFB and in the regional associations is "embarrassing. We have a Chancellor in Germany. That means women can lead positions," she emphasized. In football in particular, however, it is still the case "that women in management positions are exotic. But exotic women do not generate strength, it only happens if you have a certain breadth in them."

Steinhaus-Webb: "Would like to use role model function"

The spirit for change is there, Schult told the NDR: "There is a lot about equality in public, that's a good thing." But not all of them go along. In the run-up to the initiative, Steinhaus-Webb reportedly made attempts to disrupt and intimidate. "I knew that I would polarize with my position on this position paper," said the Hanoverian. "Because of my work as a referee and as the first woman in the Bundesliga, I have always been assigned a role model. So why are you surprised now when I accept this role model and want to use it?"

Schult also has no doubts or fears: "I've always been an opinionated player, that's also known at the club. I was chosen as the diversity ambassador at VfL Wolfsburg, VfL is clearly committed to diversity, so I have every support ", she reported:" I hope that we will implement the goals together. "

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