How many pizza chains are there

Most successful pizza chains: Dominos ousts Vapiano from first place

[Graphic from Statisktika]

The pizza gastro market is still on the move. The Russian franchisee of the American pizza chain Papa John's, PJ Western, has just taken over the 14 locations of the Hall-based company Uno Pizza together with PJ Germany (Tageskarte reported). This means that in future all Uno pizza restaurants in Germany will be the first Papa John's restaurants on the German market

“PJ Germany and PJ Western are very pleased to be working together. We believe with our experience and knowledge of other markets we are able to offer a better customer experience and a better pizza for Germany, ”explains Christopher Wynne, co-owner and CEO of PJ Western.

Papa John's is one of the top 3 pizza delivery services worldwide. The company was founded 35 years ago and today operates over 5,300 restaurants in 47 countries.

Notes on the ranking

For your ranking, Food Service notes that the basis for the list is the 2018 system sales, recorded in the foodservice Top 100 ranking of the largest restaurants in Germany. For this list, those concepts were selected that offer pizza as the dominant brand core. Even if other products such as pasta are also an important source of sales (e.g. Vapiano).

If a brand belongs to a group or brand association, only the pizza brand was taken into account for this list. For Pizza Max Franchise and Ciao Bella, only total sales with other brands were available as data. However, since the pizza formula accounts for the mammoth share of sales for both, the values ​​were recorded anyway.