Why shouldn't I hate God?

What Does the Bible Say About Hate?

In the sense of the Bible there are positive and negative aspects of hatred. It is acceptable to hate things that God hates; this is actually a good proof of the right attitude towards God. "You who love the LORD, hate evil" (Psalm 97:10). The closer we go on our path in life with the Lord and the closer our relationship with him, the more we become aware of sin, within and outside of ourselves. Aren't we sad and deeply upset when the name of God is maligned, when we see religious hypocrisy, when we see blatant disbelief and ungodly behavior? The more we understand the qualities and love of God's character, the more we will become like him and the more we will hate those things that are contrary to his word and nature.

The hatred that is negative must surely be the one that is directed against others. The Lord mentions hatred in the Sermon on the Mount: "But I say to you, whoever is angry with his brother is guilty of judgment" (Matthew 5:22). God commands that not only should we be reconciled with our brother in the Lord before we come before the Lord, but that we should do so quickly (Matthew 5: 23-26). Murder itself is of course condemned, but hate is a "sin of the heart" and hateful thoughts or actions are in God's eyes murder for which justice is required, perhaps not in this life, but at the last judgment. So hate is so abhorrent to God that it is said that a man who hates is in darkness as opposed to light (1 John 2: 9, 11). The worst situation is that of a person who pretends to profess a religion but is at enmity with his brother. Scripture says that such a person is a liar (1 John 4:20) and can deceive people, but not God. How many believers pretend for years that everything is in order and build up a facade only to be later found to be inadequate because they harbored hostility (hatred) towards a fellow believer?

Hate is a poison that destroys from within, it produces bitterness that eats into our hearts and minds. Hence, Scripture urges us not to let “any bitter roots” grow up in our hearts (Hebrews 12:15). Hate also destroys a Christian's personal testimony because it removes them from fellowship with God and other believers. We should be careful not to take the Lord's counsel and avoid long accounting, no matter how big the problem; and the Lord will forgive as he promised (1 John 1: 9; 2: 1).


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What Does the Bible Say About Hate?
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