Are waist trainers dangerous

Wasp waist: how dangerous is the fitness corsage?

The desire for a miracle cure with which one can lose weight without effort continues. The celebrities think they found it with the "Waist Trainer". But this also harbors risks

Beautiful curves and a slim wasp waist - that's what many women want. Role models are stars like Kim Kardashian (34, "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"), Nicki Minaj (32, "Anaconda") or Lindsay Lohan, 29. They all swear by the same trick: the waist trainer should put the pounds in the right places let it tumble and conjure up a dream figure. More and more stars, including Kim Gloss, are enthusiastically posting selfies with their corsets, mostly with brand names and websites - without ulterior motives, of course. But does the waist trainer keep what it promises?

How does the waist trainer work?

First of all, of course: As long as you wear it, the corset ties the waist in an hourglass shape. A popular trick as early as the 19th century. But the waist trainer should also have a lasting effect on the figure. But the pressure should also literally press the stomach and hip regions into shape by "mobilizing fat cells", as manufacturers cryptically put it. If you wear it during training, the corset should also lead to increased perspiration in the desired regions and thus also reduce weight.

What do experts say?

Medical professionals and professional fitness trainers are skeptical at best. Dr. Caroline Apovian of the Boston University School of Medicine called the weight loss effect of the Waist Trainer to "" "complete nonsense". You can't lose weight by wearing the corset. Stephen Ball, professor of nutrition, told USA Today, "There is no physiological reason a corset should work."

When training, the waist trainer could prove to be more of a hindrance, as celebrity trainer Nicole Glor told "", as it restricts mobility and breathing. "It can affect one's ability to make real effort," says Glor. "In addition, the tight fit and extra sweat can cause acne on the back."

Is the Waist Trainer harmful?

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Doctors even warn of negative health consequences if you wear the corset too often and for too long. The soft abdominal tissue transfers the pressure of the corset directly to the internal organs, as the plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Miroshnik "" explains.

The waist trainer could potentially be dangerous in the long run. "Direct pressure on the stomach can cause heartburn or digestive problems." "Persistent shallow breath can cause fluid to build up in the lungs, which puts the wearer of the brace at risk of pneumonia." Like other experts, Miroshnik concludes: "There is really no substitute for proper diet and exercise. No procedure or piece of clothing will ever completely change that."