What training do police officers need

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How do you become a police officer?

The prelude makes a Recruitment test in the form of an intelligence, competence or performance test. Possible topics are: knowledge, language skills, mathematics, logical thinking, visual thinking, concentration and memory retention. The tests mainly take place on the PC, in some places individual tasks (e.g. dictations) have to be completed with pen and paper. Most applicants fail the German test year after year.

The Police sports test can include different disciplines depending on the authority. The standard program includes endurance runs, Cooper tests, obstacle courses or box boomerang tests. Pull-ups, push-ups, turning and pendulum runs are a little less common. Some state police do not take the sports test and instead expect a sports badge to be presented.

The job interview or an interview is an integral part of every police selection process. The examiners are particularly interested in the applicant's professional motivation and personality. Possible questions are: "Why did you choose the police profession?", "What are you currently interested in about the state police xy?", "What would you describe as your greatest strengths and weaknesses?"

Especially in the upper service, applicants must be in a full-blown position Assessment center to prove. In role plays, group discussions, group tasks and post box exercises, the examiners pay particular attention to problem-solving and social skills: How does a candidate argue, how does he proceed? How do the applicants behave towards one another - who takes responsibility, who is more reluctant?

In the medical examination the police doctor examines whether you have the health requirements for the police service. To do this, he determines, among other things, the body mass index (weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared). Further points are an exercise ECG on the bicycle ergometer, a lung capacity measurement, blood and urine tests as well as a drug screening. If the doctor thinks it is necessary, an X-ray can even be carried out. Applicants are also asked to provide a self-assessment of their health.