What is the best hospital in Istanbul

Best hair transplant clinics in Turkey

Why Choose Turkey for Hair Transplant?



1. A very popular travel destination

The Turkish supply of cosmetic surgeries, aesthetic medicine and hair transplants for foreign patients has grown significantly, generating billions of dollars in sales.

It is common to see groups of patients at Istanbul International Airport wearing the special post-operative hat and going home after their hair transplant.

A large number of private hospitals approved by the Ministry of Health provide medical teams with approved and well-equipped workplaces

These teams are very well organized to accommodate foreign patients (airport-hotel-clinic transfers, luxury hotel accommodation, translators, meals, very complete post-operative kits).

The prices are very competitive as the wages are much lower than in the countries of the European Union


2. Turkish doctors and clinics listed on best-hair-clinics.com

This list is relatively short compared to the high number of hair transplant clinics (Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, other cities).

So there are many other Turkish clinics that are not listed on our platform. This is a reality that we are fully aware of.

A list mainly based on the most famous doctors and clinics

Especially those who take part in international hair transplant workshops and congresses.


3. Precautions Before Choosing a Clinic in Turkey

Avoid inexpensive clinics and hair transplant factories

Medical care has become so numerous and sometimes uncontrolled that the "transplant factories" are regularly denounced for their excesses: dozens of patients a day; Doctors replaced by assistants, technicians or nurses; dangerous hygienic conditions.

These institutions conduct aggressive, multilingual marketing on the Internet and attract international patients with "unbeatable" low-price tariffs.

An alarming number of cases of failed transplants

This can not only lead to disappointment (results are far below the patient's expectations), but above all to irreversible damage to the donor areas, which are too often depopulated for life, and prevent further transplantation.

Renowned doctors are increasingly being asked by patients who come to them in the hopes that they can fix the damage, which is not easy.

In other words, before deciding to have a hair transplant in Turkey, it is very important to check the clinic's reputation, doctors names and qualifications.



  • AEK Hair Clinic, Istanbul
  • AHD Clinic, Antalya, Turkey
  • ASMED, Istanbul
  • COSMEDICA, Dr Acar, Istanbul
  • DK Hair Clinic, Antalya, Turkey
  • Dr Abdul Muttalip Keser, Ankara
  • Dr Arslan, HAIRMEDICO, Istanbul
  • Dr Cinik, Istanbul
  • Dr Erkan Demirsoy, Istanbul
  • Dr Guncel Özturk, HairNeva, Istanbul
  • Dr Ilhan Serdaroglu, Istanbul
  • Dr Ilker Apaydin, Istanbul
  • Dr Kaan Pekiner, Ankara, Turkey
  • Dr Hurricane Morkoc, Istanbul
  • Dr Resul Yaman, Istanbul
  • Dr Özgür Nalbant, Denizli, Turkey
  • Dr Özlem Biçer, Istanbul
  • Dr. Oyku Celen, Istanbul
  • Estetik Hair, Antalya, Turkey
  • Flormed Clinic, Trabzon, Turkey
  • GetFUE Clinic, Antalya, Turkey
  • HDC hair prostheses, Istanbul
  • Medland, Ankara
  • Sanantur, Istanbul
  • Sapphire Hair Clinic, Istanbul, HIV patients
  • SelfHair clinic, Istanbul
  • Smile Hair Clinic, Istanbul