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Getting rid of the hickey: 5 SOS tips that will help quickly

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Kissing is one of the most wonderful things in the world. Nevertheless, we don't want to show up at work at the next meeting with a bright red souvenir on our necks or for a coffee chat with our in-laws. In that case, you need quick help to make the small bruise on your neck disappear.

But don't panic: you can use a few tricks to speed up the healing process. Here are 5 quick beauty hacks and ingenious home remedies that you can use to get your hickey off.

# 1: Get rid of the hickey with wound and healing ointment

A common healing ointment or anti-inflammatory gel can help the bruise heal more quickly. You can apply the ointment to the affected area several times a day.

Products that contain heparin are particularly effective. Ointments containing heparin are often used for sports injuries, for example. They reduce the clotting of the blood, which causes the stain to recede more quickly.

> Heparin ointment is available from Ratiopharm, for example. Shop here for about 7 euros at Amazon.

# 2: cool the hickey

Is your hickey a little swollen and sore? Then you can cool it with a cooling pad or ice cubes. This not only relieves the pain, but also ensures that the swelling subsides and the stain appears less noticeable.

It is best to wrap your cooling pad or ice cubes in a clean cloth to avoid further skin irritation. The cooling trick is even easier with a spoon that you put in the refrigerator for a few minutes beforehand. It is best to cool the affected area several times a day for five to ten minutes until the swelling has subsided.

# 3: treat hickey with heat

Your hickey is no longer swollen, but you can still see the small bruise? Then you can try to declare war on the stain with a heat treatment. That may sound strange at first, but warmth stimulates the blood circulation in our skin. The result: Small wounds under the skin can heal faster.

Simply dip a cloth in warm water and place it on the hickey for about 15 minutes. You can repeat this heat treatment several times a day.

# 4: get rid of hickey with Tiger Balm

Red Tiger Balm has an effect similar to DIY heat treatment. In contrast to the white tiger balm, which smells of peppermint and eucalyptus and is supposed to help with colds and headaches, the red balm is used for muscle tension. The essential cajeput oil it contains stimulates blood circulation and warms the skin.

Never used Tiger Balm before? Then it is best to test the ointment beforehand on an insensitive area of ​​skin. In addition, the following applies to Tiger Balm: Always apply sparingly and then wash your hands so that nothing gets into your eyes.

> Here you can order the classic 'Tiger Balm Red N' for about 6 euros directly from Amazon.

# 5: Makeup Trick: Cover Up Your Hickey

Do you want to hide your hickey immediately and need a quick SOS solution? In that case, you can use a few makeup tricks to wipe it off.

This is how it works step-by-step:

1. As with the face, you should first apply some moisturizer to the area.

2. Then apply concealer to the stain and blend well. Important: Steer clear of lightening concealers that are intended to combat shadows under the eyes. They only make the stain more noticeable. Instead, use a green concealer that hides pimples and redness.

3. Apply some foundation on top and blend in well.

4. Finally you can fix the make-up with transparent loose powder.

Of course, you can also cover up your hickey on the neck with clothes. If you don't want to grab a thick turtleneck sweater, you can, for example, tie a scarf around your neck. You have long hair? Perfect, because even with loose hair, a hickey on the neck can usually be hidden well.

How does a hickey actually come about?

A hickey is basically nothing more than a bruise. If the kissing partner bites or sucks on the neck, for example, a negative pressure is created, which causes small blood vessels in the skin to burst. The blood runs through the tissue at this point and a hickey is formed.

Like other injuries or minor bruises, the hickey can be seen for a few weeks. During this time it changes color, similar to a bruise. At first it is usually red and slightly swollen, then turns bluish in color and finally turns green-yellow.

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Toothpaste for hickey? D rather not

Toothpaste is also said to help against hickey marks. Are you wondering if there is anything to the myth? Yes and no. Toothpaste contains sodium dodecyl polysulphate, an ingredient with oil- and grease-dissolving properties that is said to accelerate the healing of pimples and hickey marks.

But beware: Many other ingredients in the paste can irritate our skin and make bruising worse.

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