Why is CS1 6 better than CsGo

Counter-Strike 1.6 VS. CS: GO?

Hi Guys!

I'm an old 1.6 player (started 2001, +9000 hours of play) and have played Counter-Strike 1.6 until recently because I just love the engine and the game.

At that time, CS: Source had left out after I played it for 10 minutes and continued to paddle 1.6, I don't think I have to give reasons for this to anyone who knows what I mean: D

Then came CS: GO in 2015 and I bought it straight away (offer via Steam 10, - EURO or so) and tried it out. Played for an hour and seen enough back then. So CS: GO lay in my drawer for another 3 years and it's dusty because I just couldn't get excited about it at 1.6. The movement, the shooting behavior, the packed maps and the bad locating of the opponent on these colorful maps scared me off.

For a few weeks now I have managed to free CS: GO from the dust and see how far the game has developed / improved within this time.

I just want to hear / read a few opinions from old hands in CS and their experiences, because for me CS: GO is still quite a random game today. Some of the firefights are just plain funny. In this game things happen that would never have happened in 1.6.

I liked Valve's idea of ​​bringing out a new CS, especially after reaching into the toilet with CS-Source, but how can a 20-year-old CS 1.6 be better than a new CS and you couldn't do it to build on it in terms of fun, aim, movement, etc. Compared to 1.6, CS: GO seems like a lame snail to me, and you feel as heavy as a tank with your model.

Is it because the original Half-Life (CS 1.6) was developed for fun by some programmers who programmed it because they wanted to play it themselves, and not like Valve, which apparently placed more emphasis on an inexplicable rank system and put colorful skins?

I find the simple 1.6, which was programmed by a few friends over Nights for Fun with its modest graphics 1000x better than the "new" CS: GO which apparently was not programmed to amuse, but to make money with it. Does someone see it that way, or do you see it differently? I think it's a bad testimony from Valve that after 20 years of development nothing better can be done and just can't take this game seriously: D