What are Jerusalem bells

"Do not you hear the bells?" The church bells will be given special attention in 2018 with an ecumenical campaign. In our towns and villages, the bell is part of our Western-Christian culture and it is often no longer even consciously noticed. In the city of the first Christians, in Jerusalem, church bells are something special.

The old city of Jerusalem has a very unique background noise when the muezzin calls to prayer and the bells of the Christian churches ring at the same time: the large and imposing of the world-famous Church of the Holy Sepulcher mix with the less important of the Evangelical Church of the Redeemer. And it is precisely these smaller bells that are Jakob Khoury's great passion. He is the Messner of the Church of the Redeemer and also the bell expert, because they are pretty rare in the Middle East. The Christian, who speaks fluent German, is therefore not only responsible for the evangelical ringing, but also for the maintenance of the bells and minor repairs.

In the middle of the confirmation service there is an alarm. The dean sends the congregation home, only later can everyone meet again for the sacrament. The war did not end in April 1945 when up to 50 young people were confirmed in Regensburg that Sunday. Among them is Helmut Morenz, who is now celebrating his 70th confirmation anniversary in the Neupfarrkirche.

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