Do looks and money matter in dating

Representative study on the topic of partner choice and dating: appearance, character, or is it the finances? Germans pay attention to this when choosing a partner

08.07.2020 – 11:01

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Representative study on partner choice and dating

Appearance, character, or is it the finances? Germans pay attention to this when choosing a partner

Love is in the air? That's what dating is all about, and that's what it takes for a happy relationship

- For men, the appearance of the partner is more important than for women, for women, financial security is more crucial - humor, intelligence and charisma are the most important criteria when choosing a partner - Germans prefer coffee and walks for the first date - common humor is the most important Ingredient for a Happy Relationship - Why Single? According to the study, men have more difficulty opening up than women

Munich, July 2020. Summer, sun, dating time! The dating season is (again) open! Singles can finally meet again in person after weeks of online dating and abstinence. A current, representative study by Statista on behalf of the experience provider mydays shows everyone who has got out of practice what is important for women and men when choosing a partner and when dating. What qualities should the potential partner have? What makes a date a dream date? What do singles think of their relationship status? And when Armor has met: What similarities determine a functioning and happy relationship?

# 1: looks or inner beauty? The study shows: both!

Although, according to Antoine Saint Exupéry, you can only see clearly with the heart and the essentials are invisible to the eyes, the outside counts when choosing a partner, according to the study. Almost half (49 percent) of German men say they pay attention to their appearance, with women it is just over a third (37 percent). Money or love? There are also big differences between men and women when it comes to finances: Women rely on money and love: For almost a quarter of women (22 percent), financial security is a crucial aspect in order for someone to be considered a partner; for men, this is just the case important for every 10th (12 percent).

The study shows: humor is the key to the heart! The number one criterion when choosing a partner for women and men is humor (85 and 76 percent), followed by intelligence in second place (77 and 70 percent) as well as charisma (74 and 72 percent) and common interests (76 and 68 percent) ) in third place.

# 2: #datenight? Maybe! But first it's #coffeetime

But first, coffee! - at least when it comes to the preferences of Germans on the first date. Half of all respondents (50 percent) prefer to have a coffee when they first meet them. Love is in the (fresh) air - Number 2 of the most popular activities for the first date is going for a walk: 45 percent of those surveyed like to keep pace together on a date and first stretch their legs together in the fresh air. After all, every fourth respondent (25 percent) prefers to get to know each other over dinner. Every fifth German prefers to exchange their first look in a bar (19 percent). Nine percent want to know on the first date and go on a day trip straight away.

# 3: when does Cupid's arrow hit? It needs these properties for it to spark

The location is one thing, the chemistry another. When asked when a date is perfect, the most important thing for most is that it is “relaxed and informal” (81 percent). For 73 percent, a date is successful “if we just have good conversations”. Good conversation is especially important for women (80 percent), after all two thirds of men (66 percent) also attach great importance to it. According to the survey, the top three things that make a date perfect are the feeling that they have known each other for ages. This is what 59 percent of women and 46 percent of men say.

According to the study, love doesn't necessarily go through the stomach, at least not if you swing your own wooden spoon while cooking. Only three percent of respondents claim that it is a perfect date if the date cooks for them.

The mydays magazine offers inspiration for special dates to make sparks jump. For example, in a restaurant with an intimate candlelight dinner, on the water on a romantic boat tour or in the air on a sightseeing flight together in a balloon, driving a dream car and, and, and.

# 4: single, so what? More than every 10th respondent is single out of conviction

Single why? Most say the reason they are single is because they haven't met the right person (51 percent). Another reason, according to the study, is difficulty opening up to oneself (23 percent). More than one in four men say they are single because they have difficulty opening up (26 percent). This particularly affects young men. Almost half (44 percent) of those questioned between the ages of 18 and 29 cited reticence as the reason for their relationship status. In women it is only every 5th (20 percent).

15 percent of those surveyed are single out of conviction. Here, too, there are differences between the age groups: 19 percent of singles aged 40 and over are convinced that this is the case, with 18 to 29 year olds it is only 10 percent. Every 10th German single (10 percent) cannot explain his or her relationship status to himself.

# 5: The recipe of love: According to the study, these are the ingredients that are needed

Finding great love is one thing, maintaining it is another. According to the study, humor is not only a decisive criterion when choosing a partner, but also an ingredient in the recipe for a functioning relationship. For 76 percent each, humor and a shared set of values ​​determine a happy relationship. 73 percent consider common interests, 70 percent physical attraction, to be decisive. Also at the top is a similar attitude (67 percent) and traveling together (57 percent). According to the study, the affinity for sport is less important (13 percent).

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