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acoustophoretic, adjective

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Another advantage of the Swiss researchers' method: Since they use sound waves, they are not limited to just making materials with certain optical, electrical or magnetic properties float. Magnetic or electric fields or even lasers that have been used up to now are no longer necessary to transport things into the air. In many videos, Dimos Poulikakos and Daniele Foresti show how their apparatus transports small drops of liquid and brings them together. They even have the reaction of sodium with water as a " acoustophoretic Waltz "is put on the Internet. Solid objects such as toothpicks also keep the ultrasonic waves in suspension. In the next step, the scientists want to expand their equipment. If they could achieve vertical movement using sound waves, acoustic conveyor belts with different levels could be built.


Banking app that

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With an app downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Android Market Google Play, the customer reads in the TAN and thus approves an order. TAN and PIN should not be stored on the mobile phone even as phone numbers disguised. Apps have partial access to the device's contact data, so they can get the numbers and pass them on. Banking apps should therefore only be downloaded from trustworthy sources. Experts from the online magazine Teltarif. de even advise to only ever use the app of your own bank and to distrust supposedly independent third-party providers. With them, data security is sometimes not guaranteed.


Displeasure, the

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This reacts with the so-called "hunters", also high-ranking robot giants, who oppose the monster fat masses with the force of raw steel. This is made possible by a temporary neural fusion of the two pilots inside a hydro treadmill with the machine to form a single large psycho-mecha-organism: the spirit in this machine is a human duet. "Pacific Rim" is the sometimes somewhat convulsive attempt to save the naivety of earlier science fiction into the multiplex age, which today brings the fantastic fabrics to the screen with realistic texture and, at least allegedly, as contemporary diagnostic events. "Pacific Rim" represents this Loss of findings the sheer desire for awesomeness counteracts the sheer desire for awesomeness of the younger big film companies: A film in the constant "Now, wouldn't it be cool if ..." mode, which - and that is interesting after all - focuses on the promise of pleasure, especially in terms of content slightly less ambitious comics, unlike many contemporary comic adaptations. Continuity and logic go as follows: Why should the entire world economy be focused on the production of close combat-optimized anthropomorphic high-tech giants when much more efficient forms of enemy defense should certainly be offered? Anyone who asks such questions, however, perishes: In What-If-County they are not even of less interest. Basically, however, this defies criticism.


Scam app that

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As a result, smartphones are also becoming more and more interesting for hackers, says Lutz Neugebauer, security expert at the IT industry association Bitkom. Kaspersky Lab warns that those who are not careful may install a fraudulent app. The security company has tracked down a smartphone Trojan that unnoticedly sent text messages to a premium number for six dollars per message. There are still those Scam apps however the exception. However, this is not a reason to give the all-clear. The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) sees the first signs that the increasing use of smartphones could lead to a new crime trend in information and communication technology. Thus programs were observed that pretended to be game applications, but actually also sent expensive value-added SMS in the background, said BKA President Jörg Ziercke at a joint event with the industry association Bitkom at the beginning of September.


Brain doping agent that

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Ritalin is probably one of the best-known examples: drugs that can improve the performance of the brain, but are not intended for it. Apparently, such funds are increasingly being swallowed up at colleges and universities. Because, especially in the academic environment, success depends heavily on intellectual performance. At US universities are Brain doping agents , i.e. drugs that are taken without medical necessity, have been widespread for some time. They should make one's own cognitive abilities available for a longer period of time. In Germany, there has so far hardly been any reliable data on how many students and scientists obtain prescription drugs via detours. Survey results fluctuated between less than one and almost five percent.


Servant drone that

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Others have been using drones for a long time: In Asia, the objects in flight act as game park keepers, equipped with cameras they automatically fly over difficult-to-access jungle areas and monitor orangutans and other animals. "The revolution will be quick and dirty" There are enough possible fields of application for drones: the police patrol, advertising photography, building maintenance ... almost everywhere machines could eventually replace people, and the future may be closer than it seems. The US government has already begun to relax laws for the civil use of unmanned aerial vehicles; the Federal Aviation Administration, America's central aviation authority, predicts that such drones could be in service by 2015. The New York Times recently called the "dawn of the." Servant drones "out," Harvard Business Review "the next boom industry. It is quite possible that security concerns and civil resistance are slowing development; it is unstoppable." We will soon see the first drone workers, "said Raffaello d'Andrea, professor for robotics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, at the TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh SPIEGEL ONLINE. His team shows what drones can do: Conference attendees toss rubber balls at them in a basement room, and the drones hit them back with a badminton racket mounted on them - fully automatically.


Front backdrop that

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Is the impression that some prime ministers, first and foremost Hannelore Kraft in Düsseldorf, want to loosen or even abolish the debt brake in order to get more room for the budget? So to be able to get into more debt again? We will have to wait for election day in September. More on the subject of Berlin, hundreds of millions of euros are missing: The panic after the Berlin census shock Less money through the new census: Berlin's internal financial equalization Costs and debts: Berlin between broken savings and waste The restrictions of the debt brake, the Germany Fund, the consolidation of the solidarity pact funds are building up here a Backdrop which ultimately boils down to a policy of tax increases. The reasons for this are of course wrapped in friendly phrases more money for education, more money for ailing bridges, more money for social issues. But ultimately it is about stretching the necessary budget consolidation. This is what the debate started by state politicians is about.


Neuköllner of origin, the

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Let's talk about something other than the calculated speech diarrhea of ​​a video whose title stress suggests for no reason that it's not about making money. Because the naughty warrior behind it is just doing what he always does to grab the picture so deep into his damp underpants that even the sexy mayor of a poor capital calls for the judge. Let's talk about what feels like 961. , well, scandals from the marketing departments rapping Neuköllner of origin and those who would like to be, prefer hip-hop. Let's talk about bigotry and the boulevard. Let's talk about the borderland between dissidence and debility. But for the sake of all the gods of war we're not talking about: Bushido.


Online banking module that

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A special test environment was set up for the c t report. This checked to what extent the data was encrypted and thus protected against eavesdroppers. The good news: neither with the iPhones nor with the smartphones with Google's Android mobile operating system, at least the standard applications do not divulge any secrets. There was nothing to complain about with Google Sync, Gmail and Google Talk or the iTunes apps, said Bachfeld. Also the widespread Online banking module Star Finanz's S-Banking passed the c t test without any complaints. This was by no means the case for all of the apps we tested. With the Android programs it is complained that, for example, the alternative mail program K-9 Mail attacks is defenseless if the default settings are not changed. But the Twitter app preinstalled on some smartphones should also be used with caution because they communicate completely unencrypted.


Provocative that

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- Photo: picture alliance / dpa The artist Jonathan Meese is on trial for showing the Hitler salute, the rapper Bushido is on the index for no reason because of the controversial song Stress. Art is supposed to provoke, but where are the limits? It's more than just summer theater. The Provocative art is about . The rapper Bushido has just caught a lawsuit for his latest song Stress for no reason. The text contains violent fantasies and anti-gay slogans, and politicians like Klaus Wowereit and Claudia Roth are threatened with death. Yesterday Bushido was listed on the youth-endangering media index, and from today the artist Jonathan Meese is on trial in Kassel.


Push tan process that

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Smartphones or tablets are now at risk of a man-in-the-mobile attack. The user is led to believe that he has to install software on his smartphone for the online banking process. In reality, however, the user gets a Trojan onto the device, which intercepts the TANs. With the Push tan process Much becomes easier The StarMoney program is one of the most popular programs on the PC. It is offered in a slimmed-down form as an app for mobile devices and in special versions for Sparkasse customers. The key difference between PC and smartphone with online banking apps is that you can keep an eye on your account balance while on the move, but direct booking from the app is not yet possible. The legislator prescribes the so-called channel separation.


Radiobouncer, the

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The pop column - for reading and listening. By Max Scharnigg Mayer Hawthorne Pharrell Williams' phone number is one of the most sacred possessions in pop culture these months. He gave Daft Punk and Robin Thicke number one singles in a short time, and should now also promote Mayer Hawthorne far ahead. Williams currently has the handle that turns a neatly swaying number into a groovy and yet feather-light one Radio bouncer makes . And Hawthorne has brought a lot of useful raw material with him. His first two albums had already established him as a very versatile milk boy of soul. "Where Does This Door Go" (Universal) is now really boasting, its modern conception of a Motown sound allows almost anything: absolute old-school boards like "Back Seat Lover", then again retro beat pop like "Stars" are Ours ", always like a little funk and Jackson disco in between.


Rüpelrap, the

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Subscription Shop E-Paper E-Books Audio Newsletter Archive Games Blogs Photo Series Video Headlines ZEIT magazine ZEIT Campus ZEIT History ZEIT Knowledge ZEIT ONLINE Music Partner Search Real Estate Car Market Jobs Travel Deals Home Politics Germany Abroad Economy Company Investment Stock Exchange Opinion Society Current Affairs Family School Culture Literature Film TV Music Art Knowledge Health Environment History Digital Internet Data protection Mobile games Studies University life University University rankings Degree courses Career Application Profession Publishing offer Job market Lifestyle Fashion Eat Drink Partnership Travel Mobility Sport Register | Register Literature Film TV Music Art Bushido: The fully comprehensive gangster Was there what? A profit-conscious hip-hopper has once again rapped something nasty in the orcus of the excitement society. Jan Freitag gets excited, just for a moment, honestly. Britta Pedersen / dpa Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi, born in the civil service city of Bonn Rape . Is this really the warrior's way? As soon as your bling bling just flashes pale pale, the villa in Berlin's bacon belt hardly needs larger plasma screens, this mainstream with all its Bambis and Bundestag internships and allies, who usually fuck your texts in the ass, hardly becomes dreary and empty you once again proper to stay in the rectum of your bumpy meter, dissing gay integrators, shitting uncool politicians and blonde victims rhyme with Oliver Pocher, so be angry, be crazy, be public enemy number 1 and STOP! Let's talk about something other than the calculated speech diarrhea of ​​a video whose title stress suggests for no reason that it's not about making money.


Wiesnbox, the

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Advance sale on August 11th The coveted tickets for the Hollager Oktoberfest are available on Sunday, August 11th, at 10 a.m. at the Edeka-Markt, Am Josefsplatz 1, in Hollage at a price of 11 euros. In the past few years there has always been a real rush for tickets. If there are any tickets left over, they can be purchased from Monday, August 12th, in the Ideenhaus and at the Q1 petrol station in Hollage and from Vornholt in Wallenhorst. Groups can email a Oktoberfest box book . All information about the festival is available on the website www.kolping-hollage.de. Celebrate like in Munich: The Kolping Family Hollage is emulating October even more in the Bavarian capital this year and is offering Oktoberfest boxes in cooperation with the tent management company Niemeyer, which groups can already book now. These are separate seats which, including food and drinks, can be booked by interested companies or groups at a flat rate.


Two-tier app that

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