What are some really effective advertisements

Eye-catching advertising - what you like and what you don't

Advertisers don't have it easy. It's getting harder and harder to get the audience's attention. The panacea for many: eye-catching advertising - whatever it looks like in the end. There are three printed examples in this article.

But beware! But if you lose sight of the actual goal, you will quickly miss your target group. This then leads to a lot: scorn, irritation, ignorance and, in the worst case, to rejection. Goal achieved? No, I guess not.

But you can avoid such a flop. One thing is certain: there are plenty of examples of successful but also less effective advertising campaigns. I would like to introduce a few to you here.

First of all: Anyone who advertises is well advised to think about three basic questions:

  1. What is my company's strategy?
  2. Which concept ideally builds on my strategy in a meaningful way?
  3. How and in what form can suitable advertising material be integrated into my concept?


Think back a few days or weeks. Which advertisements do you remember, whether on television in the newspaper or in your mailbox? And what feeling do you spontaneously associate with this memory?

What everyone knows: We are all bombarded with thousands of messages and information every day. That is why we all select, often in fractions of a second, in “important” and “unimportant”. You feel the same way - and so do I.

So I once asked myself the following questions:

“What has stuck with you in the last three weeks? What other eye-catching advertisements can you remember?

I do not want to withhold my thoughts and answers from you.

Eye-catching advertisement 1: The yodel folder

You may already be smiling at this headline. I felt the same way. I found out about the yodel folder through a press release last week. A printer had produced the folder for the Austrian group of the pharmaceutical manufacturer Sandoz. The yodel folder has a sound module and is now part of the “baggage” of the Sandoz sales force. The folder is combined with cards in which the manufacturer's product classics are presented.

And why is it all? I imagine a doctor rushed by appointments sitting in his office with the pharmaceutical agent. And then his visitor suddenly “pulls out” the yodel folder to hand it expectantly to the doctor. One can only speculate about the reaction. It should go from “politely amused” to “embarrassed”. But whether it will really make it easier for the Sandoz employees to be heard by your customers ...


Eye-catching advertisement 2: The Magic Flyer

"Ordinary things are ignored", writes the touchmore company on its website. You can agree with that without hesitation - or not? And since the provider for haptic sales promotion also offers a shipment with samples, I wasn't able to resist long ago. When the package from touchmore reached me, I already knew what to expect. Among other things: The Magic Flyer. Behind it is a rubber-powered flying object, more precisely - a butterfly. This flies around the unsuspecting addressee's ears when a card is opened - or wherever. It cannot be predicted that precisely. Not for the terrible, but a mailing booster that works. A mailing with the Magic Flyer should achieve an average response rate of 15 percent.

Eye-catching advertisement 3: messages on stone

When our friendly postman pushed the small package into my hand, I immediately noticed the weight. Almost 700 grams, as it turned out later. The sender was the Print Media Group from Hamm. We didn't order anything there. So the curiosity was a little bigger. What do you think was in the package? It was an elaborately packaged stone slab. With a little information sheet on top, they wanted to inform us about a new type of "stone paper" and its advantages. The small stone slab has the imprint:


I was (positively) impressed, interested and immediately thought about the context in which this stone paper could be used. I just wanted to know more about it.


My conclusion:

The third example of “advertising that gets stuck” made the best impression on me. Especially with regard to today's variety of materials and the almost unlimited technical possibilities of processing and finishing, there are many ways open to the “advertiser”.

It is important to note that there is often a fine line between pure showmanship and really positive, informative and also conspicuous advertising. Whatever helps: Put yourself in the position of the recipient of your advertising message.


Which promotion do you remember fondly? Or do you perhaps use a successful medium yourself?


photo credit: Ey Lou Flynn via photopincc

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