What is the best urban decay palette

Bye Bye Naked Palette: Urban Decay is discontinuing sales of its bestseller

Everyone has their own personal nightmare. Fortunately, if this takes place in your sleep, you wake up at some point and recognize everything is okay, everything is normal. For some beauty lovers there will unfortunately not be a pleasant awakening this time, no alarm clock will get them out of this horror: One of the most iconic products of all, the original Naked Urban Decay's range is withdrawn from the market. As sorry as we are to be the bearers of this eyeshadow-shattering news, sometimes it's better to hear the painful truth without fussing, pull the patch off quickly and try to get back to normal as quickly as you can possible to accept.

As the Naked Palette revolutionized the beauty industry

Many will still remember the initial hype surrounding the twelve-part holy grail of cosmetics. I still remember what an experience it was, the velvety surface of the Naked Finally touching the palette with my own hands, swatching the fine texture of the eyeshadow and sinking the fluffy brush into it - I used her to make up the first smokey eye that I actually liked about myself. Now, after eight years of strong sales, an era is coming to an end, but hey, no one can take the memories away from us!
But where did the great success of an apparently simple eyeshadow palette come from? The twelve shades were simply perfectly coordinated and formed a mix of matt colors, fine and coarse shimmer, nude tones and universal color accents (this blue simply suited everyone!). No wonder that Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton have come out as celebrity and even royal fans of the range over the years. So far, the first Naked- Decoupling Urban Decay grossed more than $ 1 billion and used as inspiration for a whole NakedLine served. After all, releases stay like that Naked2, Naked3, Naked heat, and the Naked basics Pallets lie on the shelves of perfumeries.

Why is the Naked Pallet withdrawn from the market?

A legitimate question! In the press release, the fire is explained as follows: “The Naked Palette completely changed the beauty industry and was the top palette on the market for eight years. Today it is a classic and can be found in every well-stocked beauty collection. We are particularly proud of that. But how does the saying go? You should go when it is most beautiful, and that time has now come. We also have to make room for what's next. "
Before you unpack the handkerchiefs and allow the full load of mourning, you should take your chance to get one of the very last copies. At Sephora and on the company's own website there is still a small stock, but as soon as it is sold out there will be no Rostock for the time being - so get there!
Dupes, or comparable pallets, are said to be dozens on the market. Our tip, which comes closest to the original in terms of texture and color selection, is the Eyeshadow Palette The Rose x Copper by L.O.V. I know it's little consolation: The blue is missing, as is the velvety surface, which feels almost familiar. Nothing can replace the original gone but never forgotten!