How to use a sunroof

Panoramic roofs and sunroofs in the car

Most car manufacturers also offer some of their vehicle models with a panoramic roof. The buyers' interest in the roofs - mostly only available as part of the special equipment - is great, but the surcharges are considered substantial. We are therefore concerned with the question whether the purchase is worthwhile and which aspects should be considered in practice.

Why a panoramic roof?

Until the 1990s, sunroofs were a popular vehicle equipment. But with the success of the air conditioning system, its spread decreased. The sliding roof is now making a comeback with the panorama roof.

However, the reasons why car buyers choose this feature have changed. In the past, the sunroof was primarily used for Regulation of temperature. Warm air can leave the vehicle interior through the open sunroof. Modern vehicles, on the other hand, are air-conditioned, their panoramic sliding roofs primarily have one Lifestyle effect.

Today stands focus on the incidence of light. On sunny days, the glazed roof helps you enjoy the beautiful weather even better. On cloudy days, it improves the incidence of light in the interior and is intended to increase well-being. At the same time it becomes possible to experience the world from a special perspectivebe it when driving through big cities or looking at the starry sky at night.

Modern panoramic sliding roofs can be opened and can therefore also help with the air conditioning. Some drivers also open the windows to get a certain convertible feeling.

Buying a car with a panoramic or sunroof - tips on choosing

When making your selection, you should first consider whether the panorama roof can be used as a sliding roof, i.e. whether it can be opened if desired. Some drivers may not care about this feature, while others attach great importance to it. It can even be relevant how far the roof can be opened. For example, there are outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy an unrestricted view of the starry sky with the back seat in the car folded down.

An important aspect to consider when considering a purchase is the sun visor. There are vehicles whose panoramic roof does not have such a cover. Depending on the weather, the sun can shine into the vehicle with high intensity and not only cause the temperature to rise quickly, but also cause sunburn on the head and neck. In view of this, it is an advantage if the glazed roof can be closed with a sun visor.

Caring for the auto parts is critical

Anyone who owns a car with an integrated sliding or even panoramic roof should definitely think about regular maintenance. Moving vehicle parts need regular maintenance, otherwise there is a risk of intensive wear and tear. The situation here is similar to that of sliding windows. A sunroof should be opened and closed from time to time. Otherwise there is a risk of the rubber seals sticking strongly, which will damage them the next time you open them.

If a panorama roof leaks, there is a risk of great trouble. Moisture can penetrate, which is unfortunately not always noticed immediately. It rarely gets into the interior directly from above. Instead, the water makes its way through the body to the footwell. The later repair of such damage can be time-consuming and therefore costly.

Care is all the more important. It is not limited to opening and closing movable windows occasionally. In addition, it is recommended that the Treat rubber seals with a suitable protective agent.

Retrofit a sunroof

If you only got a taste for it later or had to accept certain compromises when buying a used car, you can retrofit a sunroof. At least this applies to numerous car models. It must be checked in advance whether retrofitting is statically possible. This aspect is important, because ultimately it must be ensured that the conversion does not affect the rigidity of the body.

Various types of sunroofs are offered in specialist shops, even panoramic sunroofs can usually be retrofitted these days. However, it should the retrofitting be carried out by a specialist to ensure perfect installation. This is generally deemed to be subject to acceptance, i.e. an expert must be consulted. The test report is then sent to the approval office to have the conversion registered. In the same breath, the motor insurer should also be informed about the modification of the vehicle.

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