How efficient is a virtual assistant

Virtual assistance: tasks and search

Virtual assistants are helpers for entrepreneurs - for lone fighters as well as for teams. Read where VAs are used and what constitutes a professional virtual assistant.


The virtual assistant is suitable for these tasks

Whether freelance or permanent: VAs are used particularly often for this:

Care of customers and business partners

Answering customer inquiries and e-mails from business partners are routine tasks that consume a lot of time. These two factors are ideal conditions for outsourcing this work to a virtual assistant.

With a good briefing and a little practice, a virtual assistant can handle standardized customer inquiries for a reasonable hourly rate and on behalf of your company.

The correspondence with business contacts can also be largely outsourced, but you should clearly communicate to the VA when you still need to make personal contact, for example when formulating a response to a personal invitation to an important event.


Invoicing, checking incoming payments, drafting and sending reminders and reminders: a virtual assistant can help with this. With these services, make sure that the VA has the appropriate training, for example:

The person should also have several years of professional experience in a corresponding area. If this is not the case, the VA can relieve you in other ways in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčaccounting, such as collecting and organizing documents such as receipts and passing them on to the tax advisor.

Online marketing (blogging, SEO etc.)

Among the virtual assistants there are also numerous specialists in the areas of search engine optimization, blog building and online marketing in general. They create landing pages and contact forms for you or give you tips for optimizing existing content - all on an hourly basis instead of as part of an extensive, expensive agency package.

A professional virtual assistant always keeps himself up to date by continuously educating himself.

After all, he can only survive as a freelancer if he suggests the best and most helpful solutions to his customers, from which you will also benefit.

Furthermore, many VAs are trained in creating newsletters, they can not only write texts, but also know the popular tools. You don't have to work them in, log-in is enough and a good virtual assistant can use templates on his own or create them himself.

Creation of videos, graphics & podcasts

Moving images, infographics, visuals for Instagram and other social networks: Most entrepreneurs now know that they need images to draw attention to themselves or their company. But the production of such content is time-consuming and not everyone has an eye for design.

On the one hand, a virtual assistant with appropriate knowledge knows the requirements for graphic content. On the other hand, he also knows what look the target group expects. This saves the contracting company a lot of time, as the VAs are trained in using tools like Canva and quickly deliver good results.

Many video editing and camera professionals start a second career as virtual assistants. Here, too, it is worth trying out working with them, as is the case with VAs who are familiar with the podcast medium and who can produce for you or upload the episodes.

Further fields of activity

Nowadays, virtual assistance can be found in almost all business areas. Here we list other popular areas of activity for VAs:

  • Social Media Management: Monitor comments and ads, follow exciting users
  • Website support: Technical support, check for broken links, plugin updates, code optimization
  • Texts: Teaser for social media, blog articles, website texts, dictation and writing services
  • Research: Compile competition analysis, studies and statistics for specialist articles, preparation for webinars such as checking the guest list
  • Press work: Write press releases, contact the media
  • Scheduling: Maintain secretariat, calendar, communicate appointments to employees and business partners
  • Event work: Send invitations, update guest lists, build infrastructure for online events

Ways to Find a Virtual Assistant

Like other service providers, a virtual assistant can also be found in various places on the Internet.

VAs work as independent service providers for several clients. However, it is also possible to employ or employ a virtual assistant exclusively if this is in the interests of both parties.

  • Tip: VAs from abroad are happy to be employed, often from Eastern Europe. The language barriers are low as most of the VAs have an excellent command of English or German. However, be sure to pay attention to serious offers to ensure a reasonable hourly wage.

# 1 personal recommendation

More and more entrepreneurs are working with virtual assistants. Have a look around in your own network, the chances are good that you will get a recommendation for a virtual assistant.

# 2 Google

Many virtual assistants have their own website that they use as a figurehead and an opportunity to get in touch.

There are three search options:

  • Search through the services: z. B. "Virtual Assistant Video"
  • Search by region: z. B. "Virtual Assistant Bochum"
  • Combination of both ways: "Virtual Assistant Video Bochum"

Some entrepreneurs attach great importance to having a VA close by to exchange ideas about projects and tasks at a walking meeting.

Others would like a virtual assistant to be the best in their field, even if they are in Georgia or elsewhere. And still others are looking for a mixture of both areas. In all three cases, Google spits out helpful hits.

# 3 platforms for virtual assistants

You can find freelancers via the classic freelancer portals. In addition, there are platforms such as and Osourced, which specialize in virtual assistants.

# 4 Facebook groups

Present your project in relevant Facebook groups and say that you are looking for a VA. Here are a few exciting groups:

Tip: Most Facebook groups are private, which is why joining must be requested via a button.

Advantages and disadvantages of virtual assistants

A virtual assistant is suitable both as a helper for everyday tasks and as a specialist for specific areas of application. The advantages of virtual assistants are:

  • flexible usability
  • often lower price
  • high reliability
  • Expertise through months or years of experience

The disadvantages are:

  • Anyone can call themselves a virtual assistant, there are no prescribed training paths or qualifications
  • If the VA is located abroad, time differences can make cooperation more difficult
  • VAs do not replace professionals
  • Many VAs only see their job as a start or transition phase to self-employment

Find the right virtual assistant

Make sure that a virtual assistant has the qualifications that are important to you. Furthermore, you should test at an early stage through inquiries and regular meetings whether the VA shines with competent advice and rapid communication. This is how he wins your trust and shows that he works conscientiously over the distance.

If you have checked both the professional suitability and the reliability of the cooperation, a virtual assistant will take a lot of work off your feet in everyday business life.

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