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Paris -

On the day the Mohammed caricatures were published in the French satirical paper “Charlie Hebdo”, hackers paralyzed the magazine's online presence. The site was unavailable for hours on Wednesday morning. Presumably the attackers are radical Islamists, said a spokeswoman for the paper. So far it has not been possible to go online again. The Facebook page was also attacked, but it could be accessed again after a while.

In November 2011, after the publication of an edition critical of Islam, the website of "Charlie Hebdo" was attacked and the editorial offices were set on fire.

The "Charlie Hebdo" caricatures were a big topic on Wednesday on the social internet network Facebook and on the internet short message service Twitter. Supporters and critics published hundreds of comments, some with very harsh statements. On the Facebook page of "Charlie Hebdo", which posted the front page of the new edition on the Internet Tuesday evening, almost 1,400 comments were counted by Wednesday morning.

Sharp criticism

Some Internet commentators defended freedom of the press and freedom of expression, but others also took the satirical newspaper to court. “Provocative, cynical and, above all, stupid. The Salafists and Charlie Hebdo are made to get along well, ”was one judgment. Others reacted ironically and assumed new riots against the newspaper: “In reality, the people from Charlie Hebdo no longer like their office, they want to move for free. That'll be torched tonight. "

The newspaper published a whole series of cartoons on Wednesday, but most of them dealt with the anti-Islamic film from the United States that sparked violent protests in Muslim countries. On the cover of Charlie Hebdo, a Muslim is sitting in a wheelchair being pushed by a Jew. The caricature is entitled “Intouchable 2” in reference to the box office hit “Pretty Best Friends”, which revolves around the friendship between a rich, paraplegic wheelchair user and his black carer.

A more drastic caricature shows the prophet Mohammed lying naked in front of a camera. Alluding to a famous film with the French actress Brigitte Bardot, the cartoonist has him say: “And my butt? Do you like my buttocks? "In addition, the Pope is shown how to remove a mask, above it the writing:" The actor who played Mohammed is ... finally unmasked. "(Afp, dpa)