Who is Rukmini and who is Radha

Why did Lord Krishna Radha not marry?

Lord Krishna did not marry Radha because

  • Lord Krishna wanted her to remain his sacred fire.
  • She could never have found her Kanha in Krishna Vasudev.

This was beautifully mentioned in Sri KMMunshi's Krishnavatara. Lord Krishna said:

“Uddhava, both you and my big brother have always accused me of leaving Radha in Vrindavan. But I did it because I want her to be my sacred fire. I would never have loved Radha if I hadn't been sure that I would be a cowherd in Vrindavan forever. But when I was called to Mathura as Vasudeva's son, it would have been evil to bring her with me. Born to be an exquisite flower in springtime, she would never have survived the hot winds of life I faced.She would never have found her "boat" in Krishna Vaasudeva . And with my mission I couldn't have played the gay cowherd who was the breath of her life. So I broke up with her. It has always remained an altar fire for me, and I have remained the altar fire for it . It was the only way, "said Krishna, a little sadly.

He also goes on to say what should be observed especially in this day and age.

'Husband and wife of Uddhava, who live in mutual lifelong devotion, are the root of the Dharma. Creation arises from them. Do not destroy Dharma by the roadside fire for a fleeting consolation . '

Krishna made Radha his altar fire of Yajna. Being full of wisdom, Krishna turned his love (offering) for Radha into a yajna. He teaches Uddhav to do this for strength, warmth, and blessings. He asked Uddhav for it

Keep the heat but stay away from the flames.

The conversation goes like this.

“You can have any woman in your life embed - maybe not in the way you want it -, when you convert the fire by the wayside into the sacrificial fire on a Vedi, an altar (a devata for Aaraadhana / worship) .
"Why a street fire?" asked Uddhava. 'Because you don't wait to ask what it's done; You don't care who warmed up before you or what will happen to them after you leave. You are just selfish; you want a temporary warmth. You don't think about how this will affect you later. You don't want it to lead you to strength, ”said Krishna.
'A passing lust for a roadside fire will only scorch (ie burn superficially or lightly, scorch); Lifelong adoration at the altar will give warmth - always. 'Build an altar of devotion around them; offer her the most precious thing you can offer; then she will give you the warmth and power of the sacrificial fire, ”said Krishna. I do it with every woman who comes into my life. I have done the same with Mother Yashoda, with the Gopis, with Vishakha, with Radha, with Mother Devaki and even with Trivakra (Kamsa's palace girl who healed Krishna from disfigurement), ”Krishna said.

Finally, Krishna describes the meaning of this type of yajna where devotion, love and attraction become sacrifice and womens fire. This yajna gives us strength, divinity and courage to be on the path of Dharma.

"Remember what the gods did in the old days," continued Krishna. They had to offer sacred Purusha to make creation possible. You cannot create anything without an offering ", said Krishna, as if speaking to himself, “If you want a wife, you have to offer something: a gift, a home to live in, lifelong protection. But in this way you only get a woman, her body, her services. However, the sacrifice is like sacrificing ghee, barley, or a lamb for a place in heaven. If you want a divinity to inspire you to the Dharma and multiply your strength a hundredfold, you must offer something far greater. Didn't the gods say, "Only through the spirit of the sacrifice will the sacrifice flourish?"