Meditate cats

Meditate with animals - meditate with dogs - meditate with cats

Meditate with animals - meditate with dogs - meditate with cats

How should you meditate with dogs, how should you meditate with cats and how should you meditate with animals at all?

Meditate with animals from a yoga point of view

The question has two aspects. For one thing, there are animals that you can use for meditation by imagining them. For example, there is the power animal in different shamanic traditions and so you could connect with a power animal at the beginning of your meditation and could receive power from the power animal for the meditation. There is also a tradition in India that the various deities also have their animals.

In the same way, if you have a Shiva mantra, you could imagine a strong Taurus at the beginning. Or suppose you have a Durga mantra, you can picture the lion. Or suppose you have a Ganesha mantra, you could imagine an elephant.

Patanjali also advises that if you want to get a certain power, then meditate on the animal that is connected to that power.

For example, if you need courage, meditate on the lion. For example, if you need persistence and strength, meditate on an elephant. If you need ease then meditate on a gazelle, etc. So you can use animals to meditate. Another aspect of meditating with animals is of course if you have a pet.

What do you do with the pet while meditating?

It would be best to ignore it. When you start meditating, the pet may be a little irritated at first. The dog may nudge you, lick you, or whine or bark something. Just sit still. The dog will just notice how nice it is when you meditate, what positive vibration you emanate from, maybe cuddle up or just go into his basket. You don't have to make excessive training attempts, scold the dog, etc., but let him and then you will ultimately benefit from the dog's presence afterwards.

It's the same with cats, of course.

Your cat may sit on your lap. Pay no further attention to that. The cat may purr at you or it may do something with its paw. Be happy. If you meditate a few times, the cat will be happy too, will either sit on your lap or cuddle up to you, or simply meditate while sitting or lying down.

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