Is it bad cracking my knuckles?

Joint cracking: crunching, rasping and cracking in the ankle?

Often, patients come to our office hours with noticeable noises in the ankle. These noises in the ankle can be very distinct and recurring cracking, clicking, grinding or rasp noises.

The joint noises can appear occasionally or regularly in certain situations. Patients are then often very worried and want to have an orthopedic clarify what pathological value these noises could have.

Various phenomena can be responsible for this noise development in the joint.

Frequent clicking noises in the ankle and the causes

A bright crack in the joints when rotating the ankle, when tendons slide over protruding bones. This is a harmless sound that does not give cause for concern.

If it cracks while crouching down can pinch soft tissues or free joint bodies in the anterior section of the ankle and cause these cracking noises.

The cracking in the joint can also occur after a piece of bone cartilage has been loosened as part of a Osteochondrosis dissecans, i.e. a circulatory disorder of the bone, or a Arthrosis of the ankle joint occur.

Scraping or scratching noises are also often associated with osteoarthritis of the upper ankle.

Noises in the ankle can also occur when the toes move. The orthopedist finds this particularly after injuries to the ankle.

Noises in the back of the ankle can have different causes, e.g. in competitive athletes such as soccer players and dancers. As a rule, this is due to simple, minor twist injuries.

Injury to the tendon of the big toe flexor can also be the cause of the clicking noises. These are then often accompanied by pain in the lower leg.