How much do Pokemon TCG cards cost

    How much do the most expensive Pokémon trading cards cost? We say the value of the most valuable first generation booster pack cards.

    • The latest trend on YouTube and Twitch - Opening Pokémon cards.
    • Some of the Pokémon cards are a fortune value.
    • In our Top 10 we show you the most expensive Pokémon cards in the world.

    Hamburg, Germany - Right now everyone is rummaging around for their old Pokémon-Cards from the attic and see what they are value are. Others go further and buy very expensive old sets and boosters in the hope that they will find one of the most expensivePokémon cards draw and make a fortune with it. For streamers and YouTubers, all the fun is also great content. Because the Pokémon cards literally attract the audience. We'll show you the ten most expensive Pokémon cards so that in the future you are in the picture and can cheer.

    SurnamePokémon TCG
    First publication1996
    Minimum age10
    editor Nintendo, Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro
    genreTrading card game

    Most expensive Pokémon cards in the world - 10th place: Tamamushi University Magikarp (value: approx. 41,000 euros)

    Before we start with the list, a little bit of rules: Pokémon cards are graded (assessed) depending on their condition and thus awarded a grade (PSA). The higher the PSA value, the better the condition and the more it is Pokémon card value. The highest grade is a 10 (also often indicated as Gem Mint condition) - means: no stains, not even minimal scratches or other blemishes of the map.

    In our Top 10 are the Pokémon cards not ordered according to their average value, but according to the highest known Sales value the respective Pokémon card. Since the value one Pokémon card Always varies and new top sellers are added, it is difficult to keep one that is always updated Top 10 to create. So you still know more expensive Pokémon cards? Write them to us in the comments!

    The Magikarp becomes a Gyarados and occupies tenth place in ours Top 10. The map is so valuable because it was paid out at a not-too-common tournament. In 1998, elementary school students had to solve various tasks from a magazine and send them to Tamamushi University. Students who mastered this test like a champ were then allowed to participate in a multi-day event Pokémon tournament take part. Everyone who won at least one duel received this special Magikarp as a reward. Very few there cards have been distributed, the Pokémon card is considered particularly valuable. In October 2020 the map sold on eBay for the maximum price of the equivalent of 41,728.54 euros. This Magikarp can do a little more than splash, tackle and flail.

    Pokémon cards: Top 10 most expensive cards - 9th place: Ishihara GX Promo (value: approx. 42,000 euros)

    On his 60th birthday, the President gave the Pokémon Company, Tsunekazu Ishihara this card of the same name on the Pokémon World Championships 2018. However, he gave the Pokémon card not to everyone he came across that day. So should the number of Ishira GX promo card only be 30-60 copies. The map, which was largely distributed to the employees, also smells not being sold on for a long time. Due to the meanwhile high Sales value, (Top price is 42,061.70 euros), we wouldn't be surprised if even more people decided to sell.

    Pokémon cards: Top 10 most expensive cards - 8th place: Tropical Wind (value: approx. 54,000 euros)

    This card brings back memories for so many. Long before Alola ins was introduced Pokemon Universe a fabulous tournament took place in Hawaii. The Tropical Mega Battle lasted from 1999 to 2001 and only the best players in the world were allowed to play. They got the for their participation Tropical Wind Pokemon Card. Unfortunately, only a few make it Tropical wind cards to a PSA value of 10. But when it is the case, the map as a real box office hit. A total of 54,222 euros are on eBay in October 2020 for the Pokemon card been leafed over. In the hammock with the owner.

    Pokémon cards: Top 10 most expensive cards - 7th place: Trophy Pikachu Trainer (value: approx. 70,000 euros)

    Pikachu of course not in this Top 10 absence. This particular one Pokémon card the mascot of the Pokémon Company was awarded as a reward for first three places at the very first official Pokémon tournament Awarded in Japan in 1997. The Trophy Pikachu Trainer Card a different trophy in hand depending on the placement. In April 2020 the No. 2 Trophy Pickachu Trainer card with the silver trophy for 69,964.02 euros. It is uncertain whether the bronze or gold trophy will ever be sold. One thing is certain: Due to the special context of the cards, these would also be worth a lot.

    Pokémon Cards: Top 10 Most Expensive Cards - 6th Place: No. 1 trainer (value: approx. 75,000 euros)

    From one trainer to the next. The origin of the No. 1 trainer card is just as mysterious as its dark design. Where exactly map has been spent is a mystery, as the Mewtwo depicted should make clear. In 1999 Japan had seven secret regional ones Pokémon tournaments, each of which was held at unknown locations. Each winner of these individual tournaments should have the No. 1 trainer card have been presented so that they can enter the super secret final tournament. Since there are only seven of these cards there is that Pokémon card incredibly rare and precious. Six of the seven cards are also said to have received the PSA rating 10. With this information in mind, it's not surprising that one of them went up at auction in April 2020 for a whopping € 74,961.45.

    Pokémon cards: Top 10 most expensive cards - 5th place: 1st Edition Neo Genesis Lugia (value: approx. 108,000 euros)

    This design is just majestic, as befits Lugia, the guardian of the sea. The 1st Edition Neo Genesis Lugia Card was part of the Neo Genesis Base Set and is different from many others cards in the list, not exclusively released. And also that there are about 500 copies of the Pokémon card there, this doesn't stop you from getting an incredibly high one value to have. During a campaign in November 2020, Neo Genesis Lugia 1st Edition (PSA 10) was bought for the equivalent of 108,277.65 euros. And copies that just barely correspond to the PSA value 10 can be sold for an average of around 58,000 euros.

    Pokémon cards: Top 10 most expensive cards - 4th place: Kangama Family Event (value: approx. 125,000 euros)

    Kangama and the child in the bag. The perfect face for a family tournament was probably Japan in 1998. In that Pokémon tournament children and their parents could compete against other families. All winning families were with the Kangama Family Event Card rewarded. Therefore only very few should cards of this type in circulation and only eleven of them have so far been given the PSA rating 10. It was a long time map something like an underdog among them Pokémon cards, before it hit in October 2020 for a total of 124,935.83 euros. This was fifteen times that Worth, the copies previously sold.

    Pokémon cards: Top 10 most expensive cards - 3rd place: Pikachu Illustrator (value: approx. 162,000 euros)

    Let's get to the Pokémon cardsthat should be familiar to almost everyone by now. Long time for the most valuable map held at all, held the Pikachu Illustrator card With a crisp 162,416.56 euros, the record for am most expensive sold Pokémon card at an auction. That was forgiven map originally to the three winners, as well as twenty other participants with particularly good drawings at the first illustration competition between 1977 and 1978 in Japan. The particularly cool thing about the map apart from design: It was designed by Atsuko Nishida, the original illustrator of Pikachu. Besides, the Pokémon card provided with a special icon, which is supposed to symbolize the Coro-Coro competition of that time.

    Pokémon cards: Top 10 most expensive cards - 2nd place: Prototype Turtok (value: approx. 250,000 euros)

    Would you like to cool down? Prototype Turtok can help with this. In a hot auction, the Pokémon card auctioned for $ 300,000. Why for so much money? This card is amazing preciousas they are one of two Test cards is that back in the early days of Pokémon cards has been printed. So it was actually just a first draft of a concept for what was to follow in later years. So is the back of the map also not printed. We'd love to know where the other one is Pokémon card is hidden, but it seems as if it has been swallowed by the ground. Probably some person doesn't know anything about their happiness and that map stews somewhere. Another variant of Turtok, was the highlight of the stream from Trymacs and Papaplatte, when both streamers together broke the horror camp record on Twitch.

    Pokémon cards: Top 10 most expensive cards - 1st place: 1st Edition Charizard Holo without shadow (value: approx. 307,000 euros)

    We have reached our number 1. And who should it be other than the popular one? Charizard in the 1st edition in Holo. The great value this map probably comes about because that Pokémon is the fan favorite and has been number 1 of the most popular for years Pokémon occupied. And who can blame the fans for it? A cool designed dragon that breathes fire, refined with a shadowless one Hologram on a Pokemon card is simple perfection. That this hologram the map has no shadow, however, is the fault of a simple typographical error that was later corrected. But the version without the shadow is extremely rare and coveted like no other Pokémon card.

    The price of the Pokémon card amounts to a whopping $ 369,000, which is roughly the equivalent of 307,000 euros. Papaplatte also made a fortune with the Pokemon card. However, it was his map, an "ordinary" Charizard holo. Still had Twitch streamer pulled the main prize at the opening of Logan Paul. His map was estimated at around 65,000 euros. The Pokémon hype thus seems to continue unchecked. We are curious to see which ones are rare cards next to be drawn or sold and potentially sneaking into the top 10.

    List of rubric lists: © Pokémon Company / Pixabay (Montage)