What edible plant grows really easily

Edible plants in the forest: pick your natural menu!

Power from the forest: plant meal

A local superfoodthat you can simply pick and grind yourself: Plant flours used to be an important source of vitamins for barren times. Today they are less well known - but have nothing to do with hers health-promoting effect lost. You can sprinkle the powder over any dish or stir it into soups, spreads, smoothies, yogurt, porridge and muesli (as a guideline: about 3 teaspoons per day).

As a green base are suitable Plant parts of edible plants that are particularly rich in vitamins and minerals in the forest:

  • Nettle leaves or roots
  • Giantsleaves
  • Gundermann leaves
  • Burdock root (as a stretched flour for pasta dough)
  • Plantain leaves
  • Chickweed leaves
  • Leaves and seeds of the white goosefoot
  • Horsetail

The Manufacturing works like this:

  1. Harvest the herbs in one place Nice weather day after a dry period of several days.
  2. Spread them out on a towel or parchment paper and leave them indoors for a few days dry. It is best to turn it over several times. Instead of drying them at room temperature, you can also put them in a dehydrator or in the oven (at max. 40 ° C).
  3. Once the herbs are dry, grind them with your fingers (if possible) and then put them in a blender or grind them with a hand blender or with the help of a grain or coffee grinder.

It's best to store the plant meal in tightly closed glasses on one dark and dry place. So it is up to Shelf life 6 months.