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NetzWerk GesundAktiv: Hamburg lighthouse project to be continued

Hamburg, October 14, 2020. The Hamburg project NetzWerk GesundAktiv (NWGA) will be continued after the four-year project funding from the Innovation Fund of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA). The participating health insurances DAK-Gesundheit, BARMER, KNAPPSCHAFT and Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) have agreed on this with the Albertinen Haus - Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology. This means that the almost 1,000 participants from the Hamburg-Eimsbüttel district can continue to use the services from the GesundAktiv network for the time being.

Thomas Ballast, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management of TK, is pleased that all partners are staying on board: “This is a great success. It shows that we have hit the nerve of the times with NetzWerk GesundAktiv: The aim is to enable elderly people who are threatened with or are already in need of care to stay in their home environment as long as possible. To do this, we approach each participant individually and determine individual needs for action - and this has shown very good success so far! Now we are eagerly waiting to see what the evaluation results will look like. "

Individual support in the coordinating office at the Albertinen House

The heart of NetzWerk GesundAktiv is the coordinating office at the Albertinen Haus in Hamburg-Schnelsen, where experts carry out an extensive geriatric medical examination and a social assessment with the focus on maintaining functions relevant to everyday life. A case manager also supports the elderly with questions and with the implementation of their individual support plan, which each participant receives after the initial examination and an interdisciplinary case conference. “The population in Hamburg is getting older and has a great need to live independently and self-determinedly for as long as possible. With NetzWerk GesundAktiv, we have developed a very promising concept to support older people in their independence, their way of life and in their own domesticity. This project helps older people and also gives important impulses for the future orientation of an age-appropriate neighborhood policy. That is why I am very pleased that the GesundAktiv network can be continued for at least one year, ”says Matthias Scheller, Chairman of the Management Board of Immanuel Albertinen Diakonie.

In the case of many participants, imminent functional losses were recognized in the assessment and counteracted with appropriate measures. Many of the medical and health-promoting recommendations made were implemented by the participants and their treating doctors. Overall, almost eight out of ten participants rated the NetzWerk as very good or good. "I am very happy about this good evaluation of the project, which offers the participants real added value," says Ralf Zastrau, managing director of the Albertinen Haus. "This applies to both medical care and the activating elements of the project."

Digital networking remains an important component

At the beginning of the project, every NWGA participant received the PAUL tablet PC (personal assistant for supported life) from CIBEK on request. This offer will continue to exist. In the future, new NetzWerk participants will receive the PAUL application based on a web browser or as an app. You can benefit from the tried and tested core elements such as the service portal, video telephony with the case managers in the coordinating office and the bulletin board.

Aging healthily in the neighborhood

Hamburg's Senator for Health Dr. Melanie Leonhard says: “It is nice that this nationally recognized project is being continued in the Eimsbüttel district because it convinces and activates the elderly. From my point of view, the secret of success is a good, prevention-oriented medical examination, participation in the offers in the district and support from other people and technology. All of this is excellently organized here by the Albertinen House and the health insurance companies. "

The funding of NWGA supply services by the Innovation Fund expired at the end of September 2020. “We will definitely continue the project until September 2021. How things go after that also depends on the results of the evaluation, which we will only have in the course of the coming year, ”said Ballast.

Note to editors

In its role as consortium leader, TK developed the Hamburg pilot project NetzWerk GesundAktiv (NWGA) together with its consortium partners. Funding of a maximum of 8.9 million euros over four years from the innovation fund was approved for the NWGA. TK took the lead in submitting the project in the area of ​​new forms of care to the innovation fund. In addition to the Albertinen Haus as the coordinating body, the consortium partners of the project were also CIBEK technology + trading GmbH, BARMER, DAK-Gesundheit, KNAPPSCHAFT, Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe eV, Bielefeld University and the research department for clinical geriatrics of the Albertinen house. The Health Economics and Health Management Working Group at Bielefeld University and the Research Department for Clinical Geriatrics at the Albertinen Haus are entrusted with the scientific evaluation of the project.

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