How can a baby get torticollis

The acute torticollis

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In contrast to the congenital, muscular torticollis in newborns or infants, there is also the acute, very painful torticollis in childhood.

How is the acute torticollis noticeable?

The child can then only put his neck under it all at once after waking up in the morning Pain move. It stays in one Relief posture and holds the Neck stiff to one side, it is difficult for him to bow his head to look at the ground.

The child has no fever. However, it may have swollen cervical lymph nodes and cheeks and pain when chewing and swallowing.

How can you relieve the pain?

The most important measure for neck tension is warmth, because it promotes blood circulation and relaxes. Give the child a warm scarf or, even better, a warm envelope around their neck. To do this, loosely wrap several layers of cotton wool around the stiff neck and secure with a gauze bandage.

Helps against severe pain Ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Your pediatrician can also do one muscle relaxing ointment prescribe. You can also use supportive pillows to ensure that your child maintains a correct posture while sitting and sleeping. After a few days, the symptoms should have subsided. If not, you should have your child examined by a doctor.

How does the acute torticollis develop?

Most often this "stiff neck" is caused by Muscle tension after a wrong movement, a blow or an injury, after drafts and cold or in the context of a Infection of the throat, ear (otitis media) or throat occur. Then it comes to one Dislocation in the cervical spine area (C1 / C2 rotational subluxation).

Rather rare reasons are rheumatic diseases of the cervical spine, acute calcification of the intervertebral disc, a malformation of the vertebral bodies and eye muscle paralysis, which can cause the child to tilt the head in order to avoid double vision.

Warning: meningitis?

If you have a stiff neck in childhood, meningitis must always be ruled out! Because Neck stiffness is one of the earliest symptoms of meningitis. It occurs when a child can no longer bend his chin on his chest or when lying on his back cannot reach his knee with the tip of his nose. If you lift your child's head in the supine position, they will complain of pain. The neck stiffness should urgently be clarified by the pediatrician.

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