How do I find out the electricity costs

5 ways to measure your electricity usage.

A mostly free alternative for measuring electricity are energy-saving apps. They also help to have a permanent overview of power consumption and to reduce it. For example, there are apps for iPhone users

  • Energy tracker
  • Electricity cost calculator
  • Energy cost calculator.

The apps for Android phones

  • Consumption calculator
  • Energy consumption analyzer
  • EnergieCheck from co2online.

By feeding the apps with wattage and operating times, the electricity consumption and electricity costs of individual devices and living areas can be determined. If you regularly enter meter readings in the app, you will soon see over time whether power consumption is falling, stagnating or increasing.

In our opinion, one of the most helpful apps is the energy check from co2online. Here you can create your own energy savings account and also record the energy consumption of other areas of life, for example heat consumption or mobility. The energy consumption is displayed over time in a diagram, table or curve, as is the electricity and CO2 savings. When you use it for the first time, the app asks you about your living situation. In this way, it can compare your energy consumption with similar households, and you know whether you are already a climate protection professional or have something else to do. According to co2online, owners of an energy saving account save more than twice as much energy as the national average.

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