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2 months self-employed - time for the first summary

Now I've been self-employed since the beginning of July and no longer an employee, it's unbelievable how quickly time goes by. So this is high timeReviewing 2 months and Résumé to draw from it.

2 months self-employed

The beginning - everything new?

I was often asked if I wasn't going to go on vacation anyway. But vacation was never an issue for me. After all, I had an incredible number of things on my to-do list and ideas for projects that were still waiting to be turned into reality until day X due to lack of time.

At the beginning it didn't feel much different than my everyday life up to now. I got up early, worked on my PC / cell phone during the day and taught my yoga classes in the evening. The only difference, of course, was that I was now at home and could work in a rotten look (okay, I used to do it now and then) and that I could concentrate on my own projects 24/7.

My job has not changed much compared to what I had already done before, except that, as I said, the workload has increased and I can devote myself to new projects again.

No more regular salary - no pleasant feeling

I have to get used to the fact that I no longer have a regular income and no longer have a fixed amount transferred to my account every month. Although I have no idea if I ever will. I don't like the thought of it, it scares me and that currently means that I carefully weigh every expense and try to hoard as much as possible in order to provide for times when I may not have any income.

Myself and constantly

I didn't understand these words for a long time, but now I can understand them very well. Having a job where you can live out your passions is wonderful and the greatest gift I can think of BUT I work all the time even when I'm not working. Switching off is harder for me than ever and also in my free time, which by the way has not yet emerged because I no longer have any working hours, am I constantly at work in my mind, continuing my education or thinking about new ideas.

Maybe now I just don't need any free time, because in the past I did what I now call work in my free time. I have no idea and probably not that easy to understand. Brainfart - sorry. But I'm curious to see how that develops.

Not having a routine is a blessing and a curse at the same time

I used to have my fixed daily routine, now I could actually work when and where I want and don't have to adhere to any structures. On the one hand that is exactly what I always wanted, on the other hand it also stresses me and I try desperately to keep / create a routine in order to be productive. Here I still have to find the right mix of habit and spontaneity for my day.

Likes & Dislikes

Briefly summarized my likes & dislikes in existence as new self-employed.


  • Nobody tells me what to do
  • I can organize my day and time freely
  • I can call this my job what I love
  • I am independent and self-determined
  • My future is uncertain (on the one hand exciting and exciting ...)


  • No regular salary
  • I don't know how to switch off
  • I'm still looking for my routine
  • I am a bigger critic myself than any of my bosses have ever been
  • My future is uncertain (... on the other hand also scary)


Despite all the uncertainties and doubts I have not regretted taking this step once and I believe that it was the right decision and that I am on the right path. I'm incredibly excited to see what's coming and where everything will develop.

Are you perhaps also self-employed or on the way there? How is / was that with you? I look forward to an exchange.