What is 10x genomics

The new Illumina? SHAREHOLDER tip 10x genomics in rally mode - is it still worth getting started?

The US company Illumina is considered the "king" among sequencing specialists. Starting from the record low in 2003, the company's share was able to gain a whopping 40,000 percent in value. The current market value is almost 50 billion dollars, and many laboratories can no longer be imagined without Illumina products. But Illumina is not alone in the lucrative market, with 10x Genomics, investors should also keep an eye on a newcomer from 2019.

Highly interesting technology

As part of the cover story "The Yellow of the Egg", the editors presented the 10x Genomics share to you for the first time. The share price has increased by over 60 percent since then, and the market value has swelled to a whopping 8.8 billion dollars. Fidelity and Softbank, for example, are behind the company's investors. Among other things, 10x Genomics relies on "Next-GEM technology", an integrated solution for RNA and DNA analysis. This allows individual cells to be sequenced.

For the current year, analysts expect an adjusted loss of 0.43 dollars per 10x Genomics share and sales of around 345 million dollars, in 2021 it should be 456 million dollars. This results in a price-to-sales ratio of around 25! Ergo: The expectations of the stock exchange for 10x Genomics are damn high.

10x Genomics remains one of the most exciting US biotech stocks. However, the SHAREHOLDER target price of EUR 75.00 has now been clearly exceeded. Investors who followed the recommendation in issue 45/2019 will now halve their position in the portfolio. Newcomers should wait for a clear setback in the extremely interesting diagnostics player.