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Bundestag election 2017

In addition to cooperations and projects and offers it has carried out itself, the bpb supports numerous other activities for the 2017 Bundestag election through grants and funding from recognized educational institutions. Here you will find a selection:

Voting Mobile 2017
From June 2017, the 2017 Wahlmobil, designed and implemented by young people, will travel through Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. The Wahlmobil stops in small towns, communities, markets and villages. The topic: the upcoming federal election. The young makers want to address voters in rural areas - with workshops in schools and with campaigns on the marketplaces under the title “Dialogue for All”. During the “Dialogue for All” program, they bring citizens together on weekends at central locations in their home town on the subject of “elections”. The 2017 Wahlmobil brings various regional and supraregional people, associations, alliances, projects, parties, politicians and citizens into conversation with each other - with good food and drink and good music with regional bands or orchestras)

U18 election
On Friday, September 15th, the U18 polling stations across Germany will open their doors. Anyone under the age of 18 who would like to vote is allowed to come by and tick the boxes. U18 thus provides a picture of the political mood of children and young people in Germany shortly before the federal election. Pretty much anyone can open a U18 polling station, anywhere where young people are or where they can be invited: schools, youth clubs, leisure facilities, sports clubs, libraries, swimming pools, public spaces ... Even mobile polling stations that mark the day about stopping at different places, there are always. The activities of the U18 polling stations and the preparation for the U18 election are supported with materials that are available free of charge.

Better early than never! Start your project for the federal election now
The Youth Democracy Prize will appear in a new guise in 2017: Youth projects that deal with the topics of the Bundestag election will be funded with up to 500 euros. The youth jury selects the projects.

"Discuss with me"
Just get your own opinion confirmed? Live in a filter bubble? The project “Discuss with me” wants to change that. The speed dating platform for political discussions wants to create a space on the Internet in which people with different opinions can come together and discuss with the help of political impulses.

Junior election of the Bundestag 2017
In Germany you can only cast your vote in the federal elections from the age of 18. But younger adolescents and children should also learn what their voice can do if they use it. The junior election project aims to make a contribution to the political socialization of young people and to introduce schoolchildren to processes of democratic decision-making and to prepare them for future participation within the political system of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Poster workshop Critical Lime
With the support of the Federal Agency for Civic Education / bpb, the Cologne association FROH! a political poster workshop in Cologne-Kalk. First-time voters work with graphic artists to design posters for the Bundestag election, which are to be presented and discussed on billboards in public spaces.

Ass huh, Zäng ussenander! - Against racism and neo-Nazis! You own Cologne
The artist initiative “Arsch huh” advocates an open society without xenophobia. Embedded in the events of Gamescom in Cologne, the creators called for voter participation with music and speech.

Reinforcement network activating educational work: Action formats 2017
Amplifier offers a platform for multipliers in political education with so-called political and educationally distant young people. The focus is on professional exchange on the subject of political youth education and the resulting networking and qualification. All participants should be able to contribute to the network with their respective interests, needs and possibilities.

Prize foundation at #DemoDay
The first #DemoDay prize, which was awarded to the “Trace Map” team by the #DisruptPopulism initiative, was donated by the Federal Agency for Civic Education. The participating teams included offline and online events, software and web apps, algorithms and data visualizations or even entire educational programs. What they all had in common was that they are ideas on how democracy can be strengthened.