Are long eyelashes attractive in a man

Eyelash extensions for men in Berlin at "EXPERT"

The eyelash extension has only recently established itself as one of the standard services of cosmetic studios. However, the eyelash extension has found great popularity not only among women but also among men within a short period of time.

Yes, nowadays men can have their eyelashes extended too. The eyelash extensions allow women to solve many problems at once. Make-up and make-up removal of the mascara and thus the cost and time expenditure are saved by the eyelash extensions. You can also forget the worries that the mascara will smudge while swimming or in the rain. The only obstacle to eyelash extensions is when there is a contraindication to treatment.

What are the advantages of Eyelash extensions for men? Not all people naturally have beautiful eyelashes. It's not often talked about, but men like to be attractive like women.

An eyelash extension can also be beneficial for men who work in the beauty and fashion industry to give them an intense and expressive look. Artificial eyelashes are easy to wear and have a beneficial effect in contrast to simple make-up.

Who shouldn't have their eyelashes extended? If you are allergic to eyelash glue, which is mainly made on a resin basis, you should unfortunately refrain from the treatment. Even if cosmeticians claim that the composition of the adhesive is completely risk-free, allergic reactions are possible in practice.

How much does it cost Eyelash extensions for men in Berlin at «EXPERT»?

Eyelash extensions for men costs the same as for women

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