What is the nutritional profile of crickets

Is it possible for lions to survive on insects in real life?

Is it possible for lions to survive on insects in real life?

Yes, but he has to eat a lot more than he can possibly eat in this situation. From cinemablend.com

Leo needs anything between 8,000 and nearly 9,000 calories a day. For example, crickets are 121 calories per 100 grams, which would mean that a full-grown Simba would have to eat 24,292 crickets a day to survive. Only to find that many would probably burn a lot of calories.

While meerkats and warthogs are relatively small, Simba is a growing lion. It is believed that as he grows he actually needs a greater caloric intake than when he grows up. While it may appear that the exact caloric value of, say, a cricket is not exactly agreed upon, it is clear that a lion needs a lot of it to survive. When you consider that lions actually sleep most of the time, it means Simba would not have time to sing songs as he would have to spend every waking second peeling every maggot he could get his paws on. There would be so many maggots that Timon and Pumbaa would likely starve to death when Simba tried to eat it all.

A real fact that lions can survive with insects, or did the creators of the Lion King just make that fact up to make kids less afraid of insects?

I think killing other animals might look gruesome so they depicted more bugs or maybe just for fun, we don't really know.

Kai Qing

The last sentence is kind of funny considering the film shows scars murdering Mufasa, and its rule implies a lot in terms of murder and feasting when showing the wasteland that became the pride land and the entire elephant cemetery. Only the song "I can't wait to be king" really says that he can't wait for his father to die. The lion king is messed up. I think in part that they threw the bugs in there just to make it as disgusting as possible.


Another source for mathematics would be this video from the video "Film Theory" on Youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=fmRs8HaMRUA. The answer to all of these mistakes seems to be termites.


What if they could turn their mouths into a vacuum cleaner and eat ham on an endless hill, then they'd probably get full.