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Law is omnipresent. We encounter legal contexts every day in the media, in politics, in business and, last but not least, in our everyday life. Laws and regulations make it possible to shape our environment legally, to prevent conflicts and to resolve disputes. Jurisprudence is dedicated to the norms of behavior that regulate interpersonal and interstate relationships and that can be enforced with sovereign power.



TypeCourse of studies
Start of programFall and spring semester
Duration of study3 semesters
LanguageGerman & other languages


Dates & Deadlines

Responsible faculty

Law Faculty


Private law regulates the legal relationships between individuals (contracts, property, family and inheritance issues, etc.). Public law is about state structures, tasks, procedures as well as the rights and obligations of citizens towards the state and vice versa. Criminal law intervenes where people cause harm to one another or to the state. The question of what law actually includes can only be paraphrased using the following quote: "Jurists are still looking for a definition of their concept of law." (Immanuel Kant)

Focus of teaching and research

The Law Faculty of Basel, together with the Law Faculty of the University of Geneva, offers the bilingual master’s course bilingual. The students who take this master’s course can demonstrate their special language skills in practice in addition to their specific specialization.

Course structure

The master's is the second degree after the bachelor's degree. The master’s program comprises a total of 90 credit points. The bilingual master’s course in law is a so-called mono course without additional subjects. The bilingual master’s degree can be acquired as a free master’s program or as a master’s degree with one field of study. The courses offered are the Master's Generalis, Transnational Law, Administrative Law and Business Law.

For the successful completion of the bilingual Masters 90 credit points are required. At least 30 credit points must be acquired at the host faculty and at least 30 credit points at the home faculty. For the bilingual master’s degree, at least 30 credit points must be acquired from 5 legal modules in the chosen field of study. In addition, the master's thesis in the chosen field of study must also be completed successfully. Those who complete the bilingual master’s degree as a free master’s degree can freely choose from all the modules on offer.

Certain modules that are offered at both the Basel Faculty of Law and the Geneva Faculty of Law with largely identical content are considered incompatible. The incompatibilities are evident from the guidelines. If two modules are considered incompatible, the students can only credit one of the two for the acquisition of the bilingual master’s degree.

Master of Law (90 CP)
Course of study

Subject combination

Law is studied as a course of study without additional subjects - in the master’s program, at most, with one specialization. The students can benefit from the diverse range of courses at the two partner faculties and put together their study program individually. Students are free to choose which of the two faculties they want to write their master's thesis in.

Career opportunities


Lawyers, notaries, justice (courts, public prosecutor's office); Management and advisory activities in administration, social affairs, associations, unions and political parties, in the private sector (banks, insurance companies, management consultancies, trusts, etc.) as well as in the diplomatic service.


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