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Ladies golf balls

How female golfers benefit from special balls

I am repeatedly asked by female golfers how important women's golf balls are. My answer: Special golf balls for women are usually a valuable help. The reason: On average, women simply have a lower swing speed than men. That's why most female golfers don't play with men's golf clubs. And women's golf balls must also have certain properties in order for women golfers to achieve good results. You can find out what advantages these are here.

This is what makes good golf balls for women

The most important criterion for women's golf balls: They offer a very soft feel. In this way, the ball gives a full feeling at the moment of impact even at low swing speeds. Men's golf balls often seem too hard for women. You cannot build a sensible feel with these balls. This is because the club head hits the golf ball with less speed and therefore with less energy. In addition to the soft feel, women's golf balls should above all generate less spin than the men's versions. Less spin means more distance and higher ball flights - even at low swing speeds. This is made possible by a thin shell and a special arrangement of the dimples. In addition, a special core ensures that women's golf balls pick up speed even at low club head speeds.

Ladies golf balls are not just for women

Special golf balls for women are the ideal solution for players who swing slowly to moderately and who value a soft impact. Above all, women golfers should feel addressed, for whom the long game is the crux of the matter. Women who are satisfied with their throw distances and ball flights can also play with a softer men's golf ball. The advantage: these balls generate more spin during a shorter game. A quality that is very important on harder courses when approaching and knocking out of the bunker. I personally golf with men's models, by the way, because I swing fast enough for these golf balls and need the stronger spin in the short game. Like the men's versions, the women's golf balls also offer differences in performance and price. There are balls that generate more spin and are more sporty than others. Overall, I am of the opinion that there are no clear rules for golf balls. Ladies who swing fast can play golf in the softer men's versions. And men can also use women's golf balls if they like the playing characteristics. In short: whatever you like is allowed.

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