What are the attributes of accounting


If everything has been done correctly beforehand, there needs to be a way to put the business in numbers and make the success visible. Our customers in connection with KfzPilot® have relied on our for many years XBA accounting for the automatic booking of all invoiced invoice transactions as well as for the effective processing of all other accounting-related transactions. The logical and intuitively simple recording as well as the effective booking and evaluation of all business transactions are in the foreground. We process almost all of them right from the start Manufacturer account frame just like that SKR51 as the new standard especially for multi-brand houses, especially with multiple locations, branches or clients. Specially developed Additional modules for e.g. the automatic distribution of costs to different brands and / or locations are just as possible on request, such as that semi-automatic reading of account statement data. In conjunction with KfzPilot®, XBA accounting has been the ideal complement for many years.

As an authorizedProvider with DATEV interface on the KfzPilot® side, we also support the transfer of bookings to the DATEV system as well as all other pics with a compatible read-in / read-out interface in the Datev-CSV format. This also applies to both the branded and the SKR51 chart of accounts. KfzPilot® is compatible with the DATEV solution. The KfzPilot® - DATEV interface is technically checked annually and is therefore up to date.

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