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Dangerous animals

Australia is considered to be the most poisonous continent in the world: poisonous snakes, spiders, fish and jellyfish can be found here, but also other dangerous animals such as crocodiles and sharks. However, fatal encounters are extremely rare and only occur if one behaves incorrectly towards the animal.

Crocodiles are still present in large numbers in Australia, their distribution area is the rivers in the north and northeast. In search of food, they sometimes venture into the sea. There are two types. The Saltwater Crocodile, which can grow up to 7 m long and is the more dangerous species, and the Johnston Crocodile (Freshwater Crocodile), which can grow up to 3 m long and is considered shy outside of the breeding season. The terms "saltie" and "freshie" are misleading because both species can penetrate into the estuaries of the rivers, but do not live permanently in salt water. If you come across warning signs on excursions that prohibit bathing, you should stick to them as much as possible - no matter how tempting the water is! In the tropical north there is a delicacy crocodile steak, which comes from breeding farms. The animals are protected in the wild. Crocodiles are best seen in Kakadu National Park and north of Queensland.

Among the many snakes There are also poisonous species in Australia that live mainly in the tropical north and inland, the highly poisonous are known Taipan and various Otters. Almost two thirds of all the snake species that live there are poisonous and 25 species are dangerous to humans. The shy animals usually disappear before you trip over them. If you discover a snake, you should keep quiet and avoid it. In the event of a bite, a doctor should be consulted immediately. This applies to all potentially dangerous animals. Depending on the climatic conditions, however, reptiles must also be expected in cities.

Other reptiles are Scorpions and be crazy, of which there are also poisonous types. Scorpions can be found all over Australia, but most species are harmless to humans. Their stings through the tail stinger are painful and can be life threatening to children. Poisonous spiders are the Redback Spider and the Funnel Web Spider, which are found in the Sydney area. Most spiders, however, are harmless and of great importance for the ecological balance.

Encounters with Sharks always cause a slight discomfort. In tropical waters, such as the Great Barrier Reef, there are consistently smaller and harmless species such as the so-called Reef Sharks. The situation is different in the cooler waters of southern and western Australia. Even on Sydney's beaches, shark alarms go off from time to time. However, incidents involving larger species of sharks are rare.

From October to April the prohibits Box of Jelly Fish (Sea Wasp or Marine Stinger) bathing on the beaches of the north and north-east coast. The species of jellyfish secretes a neurotoxin that can lead to paralysis and death. On beaches secured with nets (stinger nets) you can swim without hesitation. If you come into contact with jellyfish, vinegar compresses will help at first. A doctor should be consulted immediately.

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