What does Lota mean in Pakistani politics

Document part of: Pakistan - political perspectives of democracy

[1] There is no statistical survey of the ethnic groups, as this could result in unforeseeable existential problems for the nation-state. The population proportions listed therefore relate to the provinces of the same name, whose inhabitants roughly correspond to the ethnic groups.

[2] In Pakistan, Lota is the name given to the small, teapot-shaped water container that is used to clean the toilet. Originally this water container had no foot, so that it always fell over from one side to the other as long as it was not held by a "strong hand".

[3] The most important religious directions of the Sunnis are those of the Deobandis, Brewlis, Ahl-e Hadith and Jama-at. There are also numerous Sunni sects, the number of which is given by Sunnis as around 10 and Schias as 60 to 99. The proportion of the Shias in the total population is just as uncertain, as one does not dare to collect data on the internal Muslim fragmentation in order not to trigger even more (armed) disputes between the religious groups than is the case anyway, especially in Jhang and Gilgit . The proportion of Shias is estimated to be around 15%.

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